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Ring Style

The style of ring fits the woman who wears it. Consider that different rings can fit your different looks. Also consider wearing more than one at once.


These styles are timeless in the engagement ring tradition. The simple beauty of these settings highlights the brilliance and sparkle of your diamond.


Simple and clean, the solitaire has a purity that emphasizes the beauty of the solitary diamond.


Rare, exceptional, and timeless, these are our most amazing rings. This is a collection the artists themselves – our master designers – selected as the rings they are most proud of designing.


A design inspired by traditional rings of royalty, the added sparkle of a diamond halo sets off the beauty of any ring.


Show her you love her for now, forever, and always. A three-stone ring is a beautiful way to remind her how you feel.



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Diamond shape has a dramatic effect on the look of your ring.

Round is most traditional and like most diamond shapes, offers a beautiful random pattern of sparkle. Princess-cut diamonds are very popular as well and offer the most sparkle of the square-shaped stones. Emerald and Asscher are preferred by those who appreciate their geometric symmetry. Note that other diamond shapes are generally less expensive than round diamonds, because they enable the diamond cutter to spare more of the diamond rough.

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Diamond Shapes

Tip: The round diamond is by far the most popular shape and is the shape most people think of when they imagine a diamond. The most popular fancy shape of diamond is the princess cut.


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Precious metals have been worn as jewelry for centuries because of their durability. Today, the biggest concern when choosing metal jewelry is the style. Choose which you like best considering your budget and the metals she wears in her other jewelry.


Platinum jewelry will last to become an heirloom, because it keeps its shape and never wears away. It’s also hypoallergenic.


A very light metal, palladium is great for people who do not like the weight of a heavy piece of jewelry.

18k Yellow Gold

A classic color, gold has a richness that can accentuate a golden skin tone or highlight pale skin.

18k White Gold

Different alloys and a rhodium plating make this a beautiful white version of the classic metal.

14k White Gold

Less expensive than 18k white gold, this metal is also harder and will keep its shape longer.

18k Rose Gold

Its romantic warmth makes rose gold an increasingly popular choice. Yellow gold is mixed with copper and silver to form the alloy.

Setting price

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There is a wide range of prices for engagement rings, based mostly on the type of metal, any additional diamonds or gemstones, and the level of craftsmanship.


You'll find the least expensive rings are the solitaire styles, simple, beautifully crafted to highlight the beauty of your diamond. For an exceptional ring, look for a three-stone ring, or consider our Ritani Masterworks rings — each one an exceptional work of art.

In USD, center diamond priced separately

Delivery date

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