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Yes, the holidays are just around the corner. If you don’t know where to start, and you’re wondering what holiday gifts to get everybody, our curated jewelry selection will spark your imagination. We asked the team at Ritani HQ to share their most successful personal gifts from past seasons…and we’ve collected them here for your shopping inspiration. From men’s jewelry to women’s, scroll below to discover the coolest and prettiest gifts for everyone in your world.

Gifts for Him


Truth: guys enjoy a bit of bling once in a while, too. A symbol of refinement, cufflinks are the perfect stocking-stuffer, token of love or gesture of mad respect. They’re typically worn on formal occasions, but don’t let that stop you from encouraging your guy to mix it up and wear them with jeans ritani-blog-perfect-gift-for-everyone-on-your-list-600-x-200

#1. If your man’s style packs a powerful punch, take a peek at these Men’s Faceted Octagon Cufflinks in 14kt Yellow Gold. Designed with a faceted octagon shape, they may be small, but they make a memorable first impression.

#2. Adorned in pavé-set diamonds, these perfectly symmetrical Diamond Pave Cufflinks in 18kt White Gold take elegance to the next level.

#3.  These Black Onyx Octagon Cufflinks in Sterling Silver add that perfect final touch. Designed with black onyx gemstones set in a silver, octagon-shaped base, he’ll look seriously sophisticated.  



Men’s bracelets are increasingly popular. Bracelets are great for any guy you’re gifting, and of course, they’re ideal for your BF. If the bracelet you’re eyeing is for your true love, express your commitment and get matching ones (a fantastic excuse to treat yourself, too)!

#1. This Men’s Bamboo Cuff Bracelet in 14kt Yellow Gold boasts a unique scalloped bamboo treatment. Designed as an open loop, it’s easy to pop on the wrist and go.

#2. A strong, everyday statement piece, this Cuff in Sterling Silver is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and features an open design.

#3. He’ll master his fashion game with this Square Onyx Bead Bracelet in Sterling Silver. Bound together by a cord, the bracelet leverages strong lines and solid shapes to form a sleek look.

Tags and pendants


For an understated masculine look, we recommend a gift of tags or pendants. They’re the perfect everyday jewelry for your exceptionally unique man.

#1. Polished on one side and ribbed on the other, this Engraveable Octagon Pendant in 14kt Yellow Gold is the perfect canvas for the initials of your father, brother or significant other.

#2. This faceted Black Diamond Tag is set in sterling silver and paired with a chain designed to fit at multiple lengths. Masculine (and dare we say it: fierce), it adds extra coolness to any look.

#3.  Have him expresses a mark of individuality with this simple and slim Black Diamond Tag in Sterling Silver that’s paired with an adjustable chain. 

Gifts for Her



Earrings are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box — just ask your mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins, and of course, your significant other. She’ll be happy to add any of these curated pieces to her jewelry armoire.

 #1. These sculptured, Mixed Metal Cascade Drop Earrings in 14kt Yellow Gold And 14kt White Gold complement the jaw line and express an artful, sophisticated style.

#2. A classic, wear-everywhere pair, each with two hoops gracefully twisted together, the Twisted Double Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver will complete her LBD New Year’s look, or match perfectly with Casual Friday jeans. Either way, she’ll look über put together.

#3. A stunning pair of Round Rose Quartz Halo Stud Earrings in 18kt Rose Gold add an air of understated sparkle and magic to any outfit. Six prongs secure each natural gemstone in place. For the full collection, pair with the Delicate Round Rose Quartz Halo Pendant in 18kt Rose Gold And 14kt Rose Gold.  




Discover beautiful, personalized and picked-just-for-her pendants that match every style: eclectic, classic or fashion-forward.

#1. These Constellation Pendants in 14kt Yellow Gold  are, hands down, a favorite among the women at Ritani HQ. Show your gal how much you celebrate her special sign.

#2. Honor her name. Set her unique initial in sterling silver with our Initial Pendant selection.

#3. Gemstone Pendants – Set at a reasonable price point, this classic and fashionable  gemstone necklace, the Delicate Round Rose Quartz Halo Pendant in 18kt Rose Gold And 14kt Rose Gold, is secured with four prongs and bordered by a sweetly scalloped halo.

Fashion rings


We’re proud to offer many fashionable ring styles, in addition to our iconic Ritani diamond engagement rings.

#1. Stackable Rings – Add this feminine, elegant, interesting — and stackable — fashion ring to her collection: the Twist Pave Diamond Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold.

#2. Sterling Silver & Diamond Rings – This Diamond Geometric Ring in Sterling Silver has all the right angles, boasting a dramatic, sharply angled set of pavé diamonds.

#3. Gemstone Rings – Eye-catching yet elegant, this Round Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold is complemented by a scalloped halo. Be she drinking a Manhattan or scotch on the rocks, this cocktail ring will look sophisticated, either stacked or solo.




Women love to stack them, or wear them one at a time. Pick a few women’s bracelets, and give her the option to choose.

#1. This delicate, exquisite Roberto Coin Princess Flower Charm Bracelet in 18kt Yellow Gold will surely say: I love you.

#2. An open cuff, supremely chic Pavé Diamond Arrow Wrap Bangle in Sterling Silver  is great choice from the many women’s bracelets on our site for your fashion-conscious girl. Stacked or solo, it’s sure to get noticed.

#3. So pretty in pink! An interlinking design, this Rose Gold Plated Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver is perfect for your lady who loves rosy hues and romantic designs.

Want more inspiration? Explore the official Ritani Holiday Gift Guide.

Diamond engagement rings are typically the 3rd most financed item purchased, next to a house and a car, that a young person will make in their life. This is because an engagement ring is a one-time investment that consumers want to maximize, and when the price of the ring is above $3,000, buyers typically require credit for the purchase. Given that men spent an average of $5,978 on engagement rings in 2016, this means that most buyers use some type of financing for their once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Nearly every engagement ring retailer offers a financing option; it is important to talk to several retailers about their financing plans, and compare your various options to find the best deal. You should also talk to a few independent credit providers in case they offer a better plan. Typically jewelry retailers offer the best financing deals, but this is not the case 100% of the time. Shop around, just as you would for a car loan.

Key features of a good engagement ring financing option are:

  • No fees for getting the financing;
  • There is an option for full payoff without any penalty. Make sure that you can pay everything off the next day without a fee, just as you might do with a credit card.

Another significant detail to note is the exact arrangement of your “No Interest” period. Typically, the “No Interest” period on a new line of credit extends until the end of the specified month or day. If you have not paid the balance in full at that point, the creditor will begin charging you interest on the remaining balance.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly: once you propose and your partner says yes, let them know several weeks afterward that you financed the ring. It may not seem a romantic detail to share, but it is an important step toward unifying your lives; just as you would share information about student debt, for example, it’s important to let your fiancée know about this loan.

Ready to start exploring your financing options? Check out our offer for 6-month interest-free financing.

winter bridal trends. photo from

Winter wedding right around the corner? Still not sure how to accessorize for your big day? Explore this season’s top 10 bridal trends along with some of our favorite fine jewelry. These pieces are all you need to accompany this season’s hottest bridal trends for your big day. Accessorize accordingly!

Trend 1: Jewel Tones

Ritani oval garnet stud earrings
Jewel tones are popular in fashion year after year for their sultry appeal and pop of color. We especially adore the look of jewel tones against the stark white of snow. For your wedding, tap into this fashion trend by incorporating berry-colored garnet oval studs to add the perfect thematic touch to your bridesmaids’ style or your own.

Trend 2: Long Sleeved Dresses

Ritani pearl drop earrings
Long sleeved dresses are perfect for staying warm in the chill of winter. Increase the drama of your long sleeves by adding long drop earrings: these classic pearl drop earrings balance your décolletage and bring elegance to every step.

Trend 3: Black Accessories

Iconic love knot earrings in black onyx add the perfect amount of edge without compromising your affinity for classic style. Black accessories pair beautifully with whites for a slightly unconventional take on sophistication. A subtle touch of noir in your accessories can bump up the drama on your big day (in the best possible way).

Trend 4: Sheer Dresses

Diamond pave ear climbers
Sheer accents are everywhere this winter, and we adore them as illusion detailing on wedding gowns. Let your accessories play on the same negative space to create an edgy, minimalist silhouette. Try these open pavé diamond ear climbers in white gold for an avant-garde look.

Trend 5: Nature-Inspired

Ritani diamond leaf earring jackets
This year, we’ve been charmed by flora- and fauna-inspired adornments, a trend that transcends categories throughout décor, fashion and weddings. Pair your white gown with gilded leaves and earthy details like these diamond leaf earring jackets to enhance your natural beauty.

Trend 6: Metallics

Ritani mini teardrop earrings
Complement this season’s high-shine metallics with rose gold teardrop earrings studded with sparkling diamonds. This year is all about shimmer and shine, especially for the holiday season. Metallics play well together, so don’t be afraid to mix silver, rose gold and white gold. These lustrous additions give your wedding an extra boost of glam.

Trend 7: The Mod Dress

Ritani Diamond Mod Kite earrings
Quirky brides are opting for a stylish, retro-mod feel with an adventurous undertone for their big day. These diamond-studded retro kite earrings pair charmingly with a mod-inspired wedding dress.

Trend 8: Bold Blue

Ritani Iolite blue hoop earrings
We’ve all heard the Old English rhyme about weddings: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Women through the ages have thought of clever ways to carry on this tradition; of course, we think jewelry is the best way to do it. Add these statement iolite hoop earrings as your “something blue.”

Trend 9: Edwardian-Influenced Dresses

Ritani Edwardian-influenced diamond earrings
Behold the ornate! Inspired by romantic designs and fashion from the turn of the century, often weddings opt for an ode to historic yester-year. The Edwardian era is known for opulence, an abundance of beautiful intricate lace and luxurious fabrics. Echo this style with enchanting vintage diamond drop earrings, perfect for the vintage-loving lady.

Trend 10: Spanish-Inspired Dresses

Ritani spanish inspired diamond earrings
It’s no wonder many brides are folding Spanish-inspired details into their weddings: Spain is known for being one of the most romantic cultures. If you’re gravitating towards bold ruffles, dramatic colors and ornate decorations, celebrate your amor with baroque accessories. These ornate hoops add sultry flamenco flair.

Complement your big day with classic and vintage designs from Ritani. For more wedding day jewelry and inspiration, check out our Bridal Jewelry collection.

November Birthstones Topaz and Citrine

November is one of the few months that has two birthstones. Citrine and topaz are two different gems, offering those born in November a choice of which birthstone they’d prefer to flaunt. Many people have come to know and love citrine under the name gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz, although it has very little in common with the actual gemstone topaz, except for color. In the days before modern gemology, citrine’s golden color caused it to be confused with topaz. Therefore, the history and alleged miraculous powers of citrine is closely interwoven with topaz.


Yellow citrine gemstones
Citrine, a member of the quartz family, is named “citron,” after the French name for ‘Lemon’ because of its highly-desired distinct yellow color. Citrine is often called the “Success Stone,” due to its reputation of enhancing success and prosperity. Its beautiful yellow color is thought to radiate positive energy. Citrine’s most popular shades range from vivid yellow to earthy brown to reddish orange.

Like all crystal quartzes, citrine has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and is relatively resistant to scratches and chipping, even if it’s knocked around.

Citrine can be found all around the world, but Brazil is the world’s leading supplier. Other notable producers of citrine include Argentina, Bolivia, France, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Uruguay and Zambia.

Natural yellow citrine is actually quite rare and is considered more valuable than most other varieties of quartz. Most of the citrine available today is actually heat-treated to obtain its autumnal yellow-golden color. Amethysts and smoky quartzes can be transformed to look just like beautiful yellow citrines by treating them at high heat. An experienced gemologist must conduct this heat treatment, which requires carefully heating the stones to temperatures between 470 and 560 degrees. Many of the gems available in today that claim they are citrine are in fact burnt amethysts or smoky quartzes.

What’s The Difference Between Topaz and Citrine?

In the most basic, non-gemological terms: a citrine is the yellow variety of quartz, and topaz is a completely different mineral with a separate chemical structure. In chemical terms, the topaz is considerably harder and heavier than citrine (a quartz), and it has a higher refractive index, which gives it more fire (the ability of a gem to split light into the colors of the spectrum; think of the reflection when gems are moved, does the sparkle contain different colors? That’s “fire”).


Multicolor topaz gemstones
Topaz gets its name from the Greek word “topazion,” which originates from the Sanskrit word tapas, which translates to “fire.” The name may have come from the name of the Egyptian island of topazos (now known as St. John’s island) in the Red Sea. Topaz was once predominantly found in these regions but is now also found in Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Myanmar and Mexico.

Topaz is most commonly found in blue and yellow. Its color range is impressive, ranging from pale blue to colorless, to yellow, orange, brown and pink. The color of a topaz is more important than the size in determining its value. Topaz rates an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it an excellent choice for daily wear.

Topaz is reputed to be one of the most powerful gemstones, said to have powers to balance emotions, release tension, heal ailments, balance emotions and bring joy. The topaz is also said to dispel sadness, nightmares and anger, and to protect its wearer from sudden death.

Braganza Diamond on the Portuguese Crown Jewels
The most famous topaz is actually a colorless topaz: the “Braganza Diamond,” set in the Portuguese Crown Jewels, was originally thought to be a diamond but is in fact a 1680 carat colorless topaz.

Ritani Citrine and Topaz earrings

Which gemstone do you prefer? Both citrine and topaz are durable and affordable, perfect for wearing every day or on a special occasion. They also make wonderful gifts.

Do you wear your birthstone? Ritani offers several options for both birthstones, including citrine rings or blue topaz rings, citrine or blue topaz earrings and citrine or blue topaz pendant necklaces. You can’t go wrong with either of these beautiful gemstones (whether you’re a November baby or not)!

coupon holding hands on wood walkway

We already covered some of the basic tasks to handle after you get married, including changing your name, enrolling in jewelry insurance, changing your health care and signing up for life insurance in Part One of You’re Married, What’s Next? But now, we’d like to take things a step further and talk about more sensitive financial and legal matters.

#1. Create a Joint Bank Account and/or Joint Credit Account

For many couples, creating a joint checking account or joint credit card account serves as a symbolic gesture, showing the union of two people into partnership. Furthermore, if you’re planning on buying a house or another large purchase, having joint accounts can make things much easier, since you can pool your incomes and build credit faster. Having all of your money in one place can also make tracking expenses much simpler.

#2. Divide Your Monthly Expenses

Whether you’re planning on creating joint banking accounts or maintaining separate accounts, it’s important to come up with a fair and reasonable plan for paying monthly and annual expenses.

If you will have a shared central account, this is pretty straightforward, since you can simply use your pooled money as needed.

If you plan to maintain separate banking accounts, it would be helpful to divide up things like rent/mortgage, loans and other bills. If there is a large monthly expense in one person’s name, you may wish to set up an automatic monthly transfer to their account.

However you decide to share your expenses, make sure you are both clear about who is responsible for what.

#3. File Your Taxes

The IRS identifies you as married for the entire year if you tie the knot before December 31st. Now that you’re married, you have the option to file in a few different ways, including:

  • married filing taxes separately
  • married filing taxes jointly

The IRS acknowledges your marriage by providing a marriage penalty or bonus. A couple suffers a “marriage penalty” if its partners pay more income tax as a married couple than they would have as two single individuals. Conversely, the couple receives a “marriage bonus” if its partners pay less income tax as a married couple than they would have as two single individuals.

#4. Set Up Your Retirement Savings Accounts

If your employer offers 401k benefits, make sure to sign up. Try to select the highest percentage of matching that your employer offers. Signing up early on ensures that your money will start vesting and you will have more saved by the time you do retire. If your employer does not offer a retirement package, talk to a financial advisor to set up an independent account. There are also a wide range of free financial calculators online to help you calculate how much you should be contributing each month.

#5. Set Up a College Savings Account

If you plan to have children, setting up a savings account early can help ease the stress of tuition. A 529 plan is a type of investment account that allows you to save for future college expenses without paying taxes on the investments’ earnings once they’re in the account, or when you liquidate the funds. Keep in mind you can also (politely) ask family members to contribute to these funds.

#6. Draft Your Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament is a legal document that dictates what happens to you, your possessions and assets after you pass away. This document also outlines your wishes regarding medical care in the event you cannot communicate directly, due to severe injury or illness. In a living will, you can specify exactly what medical treatments you would accept or refuse in various circumstances. Though this is certainly not a “romantic” conversation, you need to have this discussion and prioritize making a will. It’s recommended that you meet with an attorney to help you write your will and ensure that the document meets state requirements. It’ll cost a little upfront, but will save time and reduce stress in the long run.

Lastly, regular discussions with your spouse about finances (or sensitive matters like your will) can help alleviate any stress that may arise. Setting up financial goals towards large expenses like a house or future vacations can help make this process easier and more fun. Most importantly, don’t forget to relax and enjoy this time together right after your wedding.

Resources To Help After You Get Married

Comparing Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, and Power of Attorney

7 Tax Advantages of Getting Married

How Getting Married Changes Your Finances

General Financial Management

Retirement Calculator – How Much Should You Save For Retirement?

Marriage Tax Calculator – Do You Get A Marriage Tax Break or Penalty?

8 Things Every Couple Should Consider Before Setting Up A Joint Bank Account

8 Strategies to Start A College Savings Fund

If you’re seeking the perfect place to host your wedding in Seattle, our list of this season’s top-rated wedding venues will help make your decision easier. We have compared ratings and reviews for more than 500 Seattle-area venues, and are proud to present the winners below.

The below information is sourced from user reviews aggregated from The Knot, Wedding Wire and Yelp.

Venue Star Rating Reviews Capacity Price Range Website
#1. El Gaucho 4.50 882 Up to 300 $$
#2. Hotel 1000 4.50 432 Up to 200 $$$
#3. Big Picture 4.75 279 Up to 100 $$
#4. Hyatt at Olive 8 4.5 250 300+ $$$
#5. Mayflower Park Hotel 4.50 177 n/a n/a
#6. Four Seasons Hotel Seattle 4.25 146 300+ $$$$
#7. Columbia Tower Club 4.50 140 n/a $$
#8. Lake Union Cafe & Custom Bakery 4.75 129 n/a $$
#9. The MV Skansonia 5.00 88 n/a n/a
#10. Bell Harbor International Conference Center 4.67 56 300+ $$$
#11. Urban Light Studios 4.67 56 Up to 200 n/a
#12. The Lounge by Duos Catering 5.00 54 100 $
#13. The Canal 4.50 43 300+ $$$
#14. The Edgewater 4.75 41 Up to 200 $$$
#15. Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle 5.00 34 Up to 150 $$
#16. Hotel Sorrento 5.00 34 Up to 120 $$$
#17. The Hall at Fauntleroy 4.75 32 Up to 250 $$
#18. Washington Athletic Club 5.00 29 Up to 250 $$
#19. 10 degrees 5.00 27 n/a n/a
#20. 1927 Events 4.00 25 Up to 200 $$$
#21. Cedarbrook Lodge 4.75 22 Up to 300 $$$
#22. Woodland Park Zoo 4.50 22 Up to 250 $$
#23. Sanctuary at Admiral 4.50 21 Up to 250 n/a
#24. Melrose Market Studios 4.33 21 Up to 250 $$
#25. AXIS Pioneer Square 4.75 19 n/a $$$

After you get married, what's next?

Congratulations! You’ve tied the knot!

Now that you’ve said “I do,” it’s time to truly become partners in life. Marriage binds your lives together. The act of getting married, while very romantic, has immediate impacts on both your financial situation and legal matters. Read on for a few quick tips for what to do after you walk down the aisle.

Let’s begin with the first thing many couples do after their wedding festivities settle down: the name change. If you or your spouse are planning on taking a new name, do it prior to filling out any additional forms to avoid a major headache.

How To Change Your Name After You Get Married

  1. Obtain certified copies of your marriage certificate.
  2. Check with your local government offices to find out if you need to file anything with the court prior to your name change. For example, in some states, a judge must approve your name change.
  3. Visit your local Social Security office with your marriage certificate to change your Social Security card.
  4. Visit your local driver’s licensing office with your new Social Security card for a new driver’s license.
  5. Visit your local bank with your new driver’s license and marriage certificate to update your bank account.
  6. Once you’ve changed your social security card and driver’s license, everything else should be fairly easy.

Enroll in Engagement Ring Insurance

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you sign up for jewelry insurance for your engagement and wedding rings. It’s devastating to have jewelry that represents special moments in your life get damaged, lost or stolen, but having protection ensures you can repair or replace it. Many people think that fine jewelry and engagement rings will be covered by a generic home insurance policy, but this isn’t typically the case. Have your diamond jewelry appraised and find an insurance policy that best protects it at a reasonable price.

Change Your Health Insurance

You may choose to stay on separate health plans after marriage, or you can compare health coverage to decide if you’d rather move to one central health plan. Generally, in the United States, you can only change your health plan during open enrollment, which runs from November through February (exact dates vary by year). However, marriage is considered a “qualifying event,” which means you can change your health plan within 30 to 60 days of marriage (the exact timeframe depends on your plan). If you miss that deadline, you’ll have to wait until the next open enrollment period to make changes to your plan. It’s important to note that deductibles often double when another person is added to a plan. Additionally, even if you don’t decide to change plans, you’ll want to report your change in marital status, as well as your name change, to your insurer.

Sign Up For Life Insurance

Of all the things to think about in the buildup or following a wedding, life insurance is probably not at the top of your list. You might both be young and think that getting life insurance should wait for kids; however, right after you are married is one of the best times to get life insurance. Most of us try to “look our best” for our wedding, so it’s more than likely you will be in the best shape you will ever be in your life. Why not carry this good feeling over when you need to get a physical for life insurance? Plus, this will get you the best rate for a long term policy. The earlier you buy a policy and lock in life insurance rates, the more money you’ll save over the long run.

These are not the most romantic tasks to take care of when your honeymoon is over, but insurers may offer lower rates to married couples, who statistically show that they behave more cautiously than singles and file fewer claims. As with everything involving major life changes, be sure to do your research before making any major decisions; the great thing is that you now have a partner to help you!

Stayed tuned for part two of “You’re Married, What’s Next?” where we dive deeper into more ways to intertwine your lives after you tie the knot.

Ritani cushion cut halo diamond engagement ring

Over half of our Ritani couples report that they shopped for rings together before their engagement. The traditional idea that a man should pick out a ring all by himself dates back hundreds of years. Many couples are turning that tradition on its head and picking an engagement ring together, as true partners. If you opt for this approach to selecting an engagement ring, you both must do the research and shop as a pair, much like how you will make other investments together in the future.

Further, many women opt for picking out or buying their own diamond jewelry. Modern women are more financially independent than ever, and they’re proud of their accomplishments. Diamonds are a beautiful way to tell a story or evoke a feeling, and even better if you’re able to pick out the one you really want to wear for the rest of your life.

So whether you are selecting fine diamond jewelry for yourself, or shopping with your fiancé-to-be for the perfect diamond engagement ring, our goal at Ritani is to educate you so you’re able to make an informed decision. Let’s begin with the basics, affectionately referred to as the 4 Cs throughout the industry.

The 4 Cs: Diamond Cut, Diamond Color, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Color

Whether you’re buying a diamond for yourself or with your partner, start by educating yourself about the 4 Cs to determine which diamond qualities are most important to you

What does diamond cut refer to?

Cut refers to the quality of a diamond’s proportions and symmetry. This is not to be confused with a diamond’s shape —more on that later. The angles in the cut of the diamond are what produce sparkle. If you want a truly brilliant diamond, consider buying one with a cut grade of Very Good or Ideal. Typically, Ritani customers value sparkle over carat weight, and Very Good or Ideal cut grades are guaranteed to produce unparalleled sparkle.
Pro-tip:The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) currently only awards a cut grade of “Ideal” to round shaped diamonds. So, if you’re venturing away from round shaped diamonds and considering square or step-faceted diamonds, such as princess, asscher or radiant shapes, look for Good or Very Good cut grades. Learn more about diamond cuts.

What is diamond color?

The presence or lack of color in a diamond, with colorless options being rarer and therefore more valuable. Color grades start at D, which is truly colorless, and travel all the way to Z, which has very noticeable color. While D, E and F color grades are considered colorless, an untrained eye could not easily spot color within even G, H and I grades. Ritani does not offer diamonds below an L grade to ensure you get the most rare and brilliant diamond. For diamonds with more visible color and yellow secondary tones (color grades J, K and L), we recommend yellow gold or rose gold bands to help to neutralize color within the diamond. Learn more about diamond color.

What does diamond clarity mean?

Basically, this is another way to say “flaws,” or the presence (or lack) of small inclusions, imperfections or blemishes. An inclusion is a natural identifier within the diamond’s structure, while a blemish is on the stone’s surface. The most popular diamond clarity grades with Ritani customers are VVS2 to VS2. Learn more about diamond clarity.

What is diamond carat?

Despite popular belief, carat is a record of a diamond’s weight and not of its size, as commonly used. Therefore, two diamonds of slightly different sizes may have the same carat weight depending on how the diamond’s weight is distributed and the quality of its cut. The average diamond carat weight purchased is 1 carat. Learn more about diamond carat weight.

What do I need to know about diamond shapes?

Round diamond

The classic round (also called Brilliant) diamond makes up well over half of our total diamond sales, making it the most popular choice among each shape.

Princess diamond


The princess is our second most popular style and the most popular of all fancy cuts. It features a stunning square shape with bold, modern lines and lots of sparkle.

Emerald diamond

The emerald diamond shape typically has a large, open table and rectangular step-cut sides. Emerald shapes can be cut into squares or rectangles.


The asscher’s square shape draws comparisons with the princess shape, yet its step-cut sides set it apart with a noticeable ‘X’ in the center.

Oval diamond


The oval shape sparkles like a classic round but has an elongated silhouette to appear larger.

Marquise diamond


The uniquely shaped marquise has pointed ends and smooth curves to elongate the diamond.

Cushion cut diamond


Similar to a rectangle but with rounded corners. Cushion shapes can be cut into squares or rectangles depending on preferences.

Radiant diamond


The radiant diamond is a stunning blend of other shapes. Its cropped corners liken it to the cushion and asscher shapes, while its brilliant-cut facets are inspired by round and princess shapes.

Pear diamond


The pear — or teardrop, as it is sometimes called — can be worn facing up or down depending on the preference of the lucky owner. The pear is a hybrid of the round and marquise styles.

Heart shaped diamond


Perfect for the romantic, the heart-shaped diamond was cut specifically to maximize sparkle.

When searching for diamond jewelry, it’s important to consider all of the 4 C’s and arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can absorb. We also offer an amazing service called Virtual Gemologist that lets you compare up to 4 loose diamonds with a non-commissioned gemologist. Our Customer Service Specialists are also happy to help answer questions or provide diamond recommendations with your specifications.  If you’re ready to get started, shop for a diamond now.