Avril Lavigne’s anniversary ring is absolutely incredible

Considering first wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with paper gifts, Chad Kroeger has truly gone above and beyond. The Nickelback frontman surprised his wife, Avril Lavigne, with a simply stunning 17-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. The singer shared a photo of her new jewelry on Twitter – and Chad looks pretty pleased with himself!

The new emerald-cut ring – which looks to be set on a plain platinum band – is the latest piece in Avril’s growing collection of large pretty engagement rings. In 2012, Kroeger proposed with a 14-carat pear-shaped engagement ring. Then, on their wedding day last August, he surprised his new wife with a 20-carat emerald ring. The Canadian couple has an estimated combined net worth of $105 million.

Avril shared the happy news through her Twitter account.

Emerald-cut diamonds are characterized by their large open tables, step-cut facets and cropped corners. This fancy cut typically calls for a higher clarity grade than a round or princess-cut diamond might – because it is easier to look down through the diamond from its top surface. Any large imperfections, particularly those located towards the middle of the diamond, would be much more noticeable than in a brilliant facet pattern.

While we don’t know the clarity or color grades of Avril’s new diamond, we estimate from her photo that they will be very high. Such a large emerald-cut would make any blemishes of yellow secondary tones much more noticeable to the naked eye. That Chad opted for a white metal setting also indicates a higher color grade. Often, diamonds with lower color grades will be set in yellow gold, to neturalize any yellow tones within the stone.

What do you think of Avril’s new ring? Would you like to receive an anniversary ring, in addition to your engagement ring and wedding band? Let us know in the comments!