Derek Jeter is engaged to Minka Kelly

There have been many rumors circulating about Derek Jeter and his love life throughout his career.  One of the rumors that just wouldn’t die was that his relationship with Minka Kelly was more serious than they let on.  The talk about him giving her an engagement ring has been swirling since August ’09.  According the the New York Post, they have officially confirmed the rumors and have already set a date!!  The famous Yankee’s shortstop would never jeopordize his availability to play in the World Series, so they have set the wedding to fall two days after the last game of the series would be played.  November 5, 2010 is the fateful day when Jeter officially denounces his bachelorhood.

What a team player, to not let his personal life get in the way of another Yankee Series opportunity.  I also think he is being hopeful of the fact they will not need all 7 games to win the series, otherwise his wedding will directly conflict with the parade. I’m sure the whole team will be invited to witness them exchanging wedding bands.

It has been revealed that the wedding will be held at the same castle in Long Island as Kevin Jonas has just had his wedding recently.  I wonder if the venue will change now that is has leaked.  Otherwise, they may have another Braniston wedding fiasco with helicopters hovering to get that million dollar shot.

The bride-to-be is the daughter of guitarist Rick Dufay of Aerosmith, and she is an actress for both TV and film.  No diamond engagement ring pictures have surfaced yet, but I am sure she will start wearing it now that the cat is out of the bag.  I wonder what designer engagement ring Derek chose for his lucky lady, was it a Ritani ring perhaps?

C. Sparkles