Kaley Cuoco’s Teardrop Ring Has Her Crying

Hold on to your hats – Penny just got engaged! But not to Leonard Hofstadter!

Well to be precise, the actress who plays Penny, Kaley Cuoco, is the one who actually got engaged. Social media was all aflutter when her fiancé, Karl Cook, posted a touching video of her tearful reaction to his proposal.

The Big Bang Theory actress briefly flashes a glimpse of the gorgeous pear shaped (or teardrop) diamond ring before remembering to say ‘Yes’ to his proposal.

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Later, Cook posted a money shot of the ring, treating viewers to an up-close look at the sparkler.

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Diamond expert Josh Marion gave us his assessment of the ring:

“This beautifully cut pear shaped stone is set in a platinum diamond tapered engagement ring which accents the brilliance of the center diamond. The size of the diamond appears to be at least 2.5 carats. Based on the high color and clarity of the diamond, it would be appraised for at least $80,000 to $100,000. What is striking about this stone is that it is a very unique cut and one can tell that a lot of research went into finding the perfect diamond for Kaley.”

In fact, this level of customization is something that is becoming more popular and is a complimentary service that Ritani specializes in.

And, this custom ring was definitely a step up from the ring Karl found at Target just hours before. Kaley also looks much more thrilled with the actual ring than she does here.

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The joyous event was captured perfectly with a final video courtesy of Mr. Cook and his selfie stick.

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Kaley and Karl have been dating for over a year and have adorably documented their relationship on several Instagram accounts – @mrtankcook, @normancook (presumably their dog Norman’s account), and of course @kaleycuocoofficial, Kaley’s official Instagram account.

We are ecstatic for the couple and wish them all the best!

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