The Best Movie Engagement Rings

While movies are fantastic for escapism, they also inspire and influence. Here are some of the most iconic engagement rings from the big screen.

This year, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby cemented the triumphant return of art deco influences in bridal jewelry. While Daisy Buchanan’s marriage is hardly one to emulate, her cushion cut halo engagement ring in platinum elicited gasps from audiences all over the world. It’s a truly stunning style that was incredibly modern for the time, with its geometric angles and state of the art french-set diamonds.

grace kelly engagement ring

As literally Hollywood royalty, Grace Kelly has become synonymous with old-school glamour. Her emerald-cut engagement ring, by Cartier, appeared in several of her movies. 10.47 carats, flanked by two baguette diamonds and set in platinum, it is a ring that has inspired many the world over.

my best friend wedding engagement ring

While Julia Roberts is arguably the queen of 90’s rom-coms, it was Cameron Diaz’s ring finger that caught our attention in My Best Friend’s Wedding. A round diamond set in a micropavé band, it’s a classically vintage look that never goes out of style. Dermot Mulroney isn’t bad, either.

twilight engagement ring

Whether  you’re a ‘twi-hard’ or not, you can’t deny that the ring Edward proposes to Bella with is gorgeous. An oval platinum ring studded with small round diamonds, it’s a unique style with vintage influences. Somewhat bizarrely, Bed Bath & Beyond sold imitations to coincide with the movie’s release.

legally blonde engagement ring

Is there a more ‘Elle Woods’ engagement ring out there? A pink diamond with two side-stone diamonds was designed by Harry Winston for Legally Blonde 2, with Reese Witherspoon’s input. With colored diamonds and gemstones rising in popularity, we may be seeing more of this style in future.

titanic rose engagement ring

One of the biggest romantic movies ever, Titanic enjoyed a cinematic rerelease last year. While the focus is on Jack and Rose’s doomed affair, throughout the film, Rose wears an engagement ring from her conceited fiancé, Cal. A three-stone ring inspired by one found on the real ship’s wreckage, it is a powerful symbol of the conflict between Rose’s privileged but suffocating upbringing, and her love for Jack Dawson.

What is your favorite engagement ring from the movies? Have any of them influenced your jewelry tastes?