The Great Gatsby: Daisy Buchanan’s Engagement Ring Style

great gatsby engagement ring

Has Daisy Buchanan’s engagement ring caught your attention? It’s certainly caught ours! The halo ring is absolutely stunning, and confirms the cushion cut diamond as one of our favorites. A cut that’s both timeless and vintage, it is a romantic shape that has a truly glamorous appeal.

ritani cushion halo engagement ring

The Great Gatsby is set in what we now consider the Art Deco period. This was a time when fashion, jewelry and architecture were hugely influenced by geometric angles, luxurious materials, and bold color. Platinum jewelry was all the rage, as it enhanced those stunning diamonds. Daisy’s engagement ring, a cushion cut halo, features smaller diamonds around the center stone and all along the band.  She also wears it with a matching wedding band.


A hybrid of the Old Mine and modern Round Brilliant cuts, the Cushion bridges classic and contemporary styles. This makes it a perfect choice for the 1920s, when American society was rapidly industrializing and booming economically. The characters’ conspicuous wealth and expensive taste are only a part of the story’s detail, but form a rich fabric in which Fitzgerald weaves his narrative of the American dream in free fall.

cushion cut halo ring

French-set diamonds were an innovation of the early 20th century. Technological advances meant that diamonds could be set closer together than ever before, so that a continuous band of sparkle became the fashion of the time – signifying wealth and contemporary taste. A french-set halo amplifies the sparkle of a center diamond in a way that a solitaire setting does not.


A matching french-set wedding band finishes Daisy’s cushion cut ring beautifully. French-set and micropavé diamonds set close together give the effect of endless diamonds with barely any platinum showing.

split shank cushion halo ring

A ‘V’ band with surprise diamonds adds further stylistic elements to the stunning cushion cut ring. Strong lines and angles are key artistic features of the Art Deco movement, with a ‘V’ shape bringing more focus to your cushion halo.


You can see how the cushion cut diamond engagement ring complements other Art deco style jewelry. Chunky bracelets and pear-shaped diamonds are alternative ways to channel Art Deco luxury.

micropave ring

A micropavé halo is another setting that brings diamonds even closer together, for an endless stream of brilliance. A surface of smaller diamonds that doesn’t have prongs means that the metal holding the diamonds together is almost invisible. A paved effect gives a diamond engagement ring an incredibly glamorous look.