Trending: Black diamond engagement rings and stackable bands

ritani black diamond stacking rings

While colorless diamonds are the most popular, some people will naturally lean towards something a bit different. We’ve talked before about the rising trend for gemstone engagement rings, but have you considered black diamonds?

Celebrity black diamond engagement rings

david arquette black diamond engagement ring

David Arquette recently announced his engagement to Christina McLarty (his ex-wife, Courtney Cox, just happened to announce her engagement to Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid a week earlier). The actor proposed with a stunning halo cocktail ring, featuring a black center diamond. The black engagement ring is somehow both vintage and on-trend, expressing lots of personality. Other celebrities who wear black and white diamond engagement rings include Shenae Grimes of 90210, Carmen Electra, and the (admittedly fictional, but nonetheless fabulous) Carrie Bradshaw.

Black Diamond Stacking Rings

ritani black diamond stacking rings

A great way to introduce black diamonds without forsaking the traditional white diamond engagement ring is to add a stackable band. These stacking rings can be worn paired with an engagement ring – or alternatively, on their own as a wedding band or eternity ring. They add a subtle edge to your jewelry look, contrasting with colorless diamonds or colorful gemstones with stunning effect.

How are black diamonds formed?

Unlike other fancy-colored diamonds, most black diamonds are colorless diamonds heated at intense temperatures. While some black diamonds do form naturally, they are very rare. These diamonds are filled with dark inclusions – mostly graphite – that stop the diamond reflecting light. The result is that they appear an opaque black to our eyes.

Because these black diamonds are so rare, the majority of those offered in precious jewelry are color treated. This process does not affect their durability – black diamonds are at a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, as are colorless diamonds – but it is important to note that these diamonds are likely to have lots of inclusions. If having a diamond with a high clarity grade is important to you, we recommend opting for the more traditional colorless diamond. Black gold engagement rings are particularly striking, as the warmth of the metal contrasts with the dark gemstone dramatically.

Caring for your black diamonds

If you do opt for black diamond jewelry, you need not worry too much about scratches and scrapes. While black diamonds are typically more porous than colorless diamonds, they are still very resistant to wear and tear – especially when compared to other precious gemstones. Keep your diamonds looking stunning by cleaning regularly at home with a damp cloth and mild soap, and consider having them professionally cleaned twice a year at your local jewelry store.

Do you love the look of black diamonds? Do you prefer them to classic colorless diamonds?