Vanessa Williams’ engagement ring

Congratulations are in order for Vanessa Williams! The actress and former beauty queen announced her engagement during an interview for The Queen Latifah Show. We caught a glimpse of her brand new engagement ring, and it looks absolutely dazzling.

Vanessa’s engagement ring appears to have a cushion-cut center diamond, set in a delicate halo and flanked by two half moon sidestones. A split-shank band gives the ring a vintage-inspired design. A platinum setting highlights the brilliance and fire of her ring’s diamond.

vanessa williams' engagement ring

Williams, 51, who appeared on Queen Latifah’s show to promote her Broadway show, The Trip Bountiful, has been dating Jim Skrip for about a year. While the couple have kept their relationship relatively private, she did divulge a few details back in February of this year.

“He’s a guy I met a year-and-a-half ago when I was on vacation with my daughter in Egypt. You go across the world to find somebody who’s six hours away,” she told

What do you think of Vanessa Williams’ engagement ring? Are you a fan of halo three-stone engagement rings?