The biggest 2015 bracelet trends

As a new year approaches, we take a look at the biggest 2015 bracelet trends. From statement cuffs, to delicate thin bangles designed for fluid movement, here are the jewelry styles you’ll want to try in the upcoming months.

Statement Cuffs


With bold, chunky lines and eye-catching gemstones, these statement cuffs and bracelets are not for wallflowers. A simple outfit becomes instantly chic and unique when paired with one of these pieces. Kara Ross’ cava onyx diamond and rock crystal cuff has a darkly gothic edge, while SLANE’s trellis cuff has an ancient Celtic power. Their column bangle bracelet, available in both yellow gold and sterling silver, brings the feel of a stack – in the simplicity of one connected piece.


Stacking Bracelets


As with stacking rings, sets of bracelets worn together have recently been gaining popularity. The eclectic contrast of metals, sizes and embellishments creates a unique effect that reflects the wearer’s own tastes. SOHO’s enamel and sterling silver bangles are designed with a variety of enamel finishes, from animal prints to delicately brushed foliage. Worn stacked on the wrist as an ‘arm party’, their clashing colors and distinctive motifs are emphasized and celebrated.

ritani bangle set

An extension of the stacking trend, this mixed metal bracelet reassures that it’s ok to not have everything perfectly matching. With smooth, ridged and braided textures in differently colored yet attached bangles, this is a simple way to try out a new bracelet trend in 2015.

Delicate and minimalist bracelets


Not all jewelry looks need to pack a punch. The minimalist trend continues, with these unique diamond bangles by Kara Ross. Slim and light on the wrist, they are ideal for those who prefer a less polished, more individual jewelry look.

mimi so bracelet

Minimalist with a luxe edge, Mimi So’s phoenix diamond bracelets are truly stunning. A thin, delicate chain holds a single phoenix feather, adorned with brilliant diamonds. Representing strength, rebirth and resilience, this is a powerful symbol to wear as you prepare for the new year.

Which of these 2015 bracelet trends is your favorite? Do you prefer to make a statement in oversized cuffs, or are you a fan of delicate, minimal bangles? Let us know in the comments!