Amethyst Jewelry: February’s Birthstone

The vivid violet hue of amethyst celebrates people born in February. As the second month of the year – and with Valentine’s Day at its middle – this time is characterized by affection, romance, and the anticipation of spring.

Amethyst is said to have healing powers, and was worn in the ancient world to prevent its wearer from intoxication. The purple gem is also traditionally gifted to celebrate 6th wedding anniversaries. Here are five stunning amethyst jewelry pieces, now available at Ritani.

kara ross amethyst ring

A juxtaposition of amethyst in its raw and polished forms, this cocktail ring by Kara Ross celebrates the gemstone in its unique, vibrant color. Brilliant pave-set diamonds weave across its surface, while an 18kt yellow gold setting complements warmer tones within the gem. Amethyst engagement rings are a chic and fashion-forward alternative to the traditional diamond ring.

kara ross amethyst earrings

Smooth and milky at the center, these sliced amethyst drop earrings make a chic statement. Elegantly hanging from 18kt yellow gold links, the natural spectrum of purple amethyst is discovered and celebrated.

amethyst necklace

Raw and powerful, this Petra amethyst bib necklace is utterly unique. “Petra, Latin for ‘stone’, is a collection that celebrates my love of gemstones by displaying them in their pure, raw form juxtaposed with their cut and polished counterpart. Highlighting the beauty of both the before and after, Petra designs are not only a functional piece of jewelry but also a lesson in gemology”, explains Kara Ross. Blue topaz, opal and peridot complete the colorful look.

hydra smooth amethyst ring


Inspired by the snake’s smooth sinewy movement, this cabochon amethyst engagement ring is sleek, modern and eye-catching. 18kt yellow gold covers the edge of the gemstone, bordered by a wavy line of small round diamonds.

kara ross amethyst pendant

The various red hues of raw rubelite meet amethyst in this stylish long pendant. Again, playing off the contrasting states of raw and polished gems, Kara Ross encourages the wearer to appreciate the natural world and its incredible resources.

Which piece of amethyst jewelry is your favorite? Do you have a February birthday and want to celebrate with a birthstone jewelry piece?