Mimi So: An Exclusive Interview with the Famed Designer

Mimi So’s iconic jewelry collection is admired for its playful spirit, artful style, and expert craftsmanship. Now, the New York City-based jewelry designer to the stars dishes on her signature style, partnership with Ritani, and the trends to look forward to.

How did you get your start in jewelry design?

I grew up in the business and learned from both of my parents. This early introduction to their work ultimately turned into a love affair for jewelry. It inspired me to attend Parsons to develop my eye for design.

What do you love most about creating fine jewelry?

I love that I will always be connected with the people who wear my pieces and that I am a part of a special moment of their life. It makes me feel very happy and rewarded as an artist.

Where do you draw your inspiration? What inspires you most?

I take inspiration from my life experiences: travel, art, music and different cultures that cross my path. People inspire me the most. I am a true Sagittarius. I love learning about others, seeking out positivity from the universe, sharing a good meal together. It allows me to create beautiful jewelry to celebrate those special milestones in one’s life simply because…you are special.

Mimi So Wonderland ring collection

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?

Each collection I create is like a child, I don’t have a favorite – but you never forget the first-born child, your first signature collection. The Piece collection represents the shape of my window, growing up. Looking through each gradual concentric frame symbolizes the Past, the Present, and the Future.

Is there a certain process you follow when creating your designs?

Yes! It begins with the spark of an idea for a piece. From there, I sketch like crazy to flush out the design, then we create the first mold. The process I follow is methodical and fluid. We strive for excellence and are relentless in our fabrication standards. This level of discipline has been the pillar of our business and has earned the respect of our loyal following. When we customize a special piece for a client, I always consider who the person is and the meaning behind the piece.

Mimi So Sketches

You have become a go-to jewelry designer for celebrities and red carpet events. What are your top red-carpet styling tips?

Red carpet is always so much fun because it’s glamorous and you never know what the fashion gown of the season will be until leading up to the moment of the event! Celebrities and stylists look to us because our collections are so versatile and unique.

Why did you decide to partner with Ritani?

The nascent years of our company were spent working with many brides. We always felt so privileged to work with the men and women who entrusted us to celebrate their engagements and weddings. From there, our relationships grew and we continue to make special pieces for our clients throughout their lives. Ritani is a great platform to reach a new audience and to become accessible to women and men who are looking to cultivate a close designer relationship.

What do you think the biggest trends in jewelry are going to be for this season and beyond?

Bows, flowers and whimsical themes were recently celebrated on both domestic and international runways. From Delpozo to Valentino, romance is back in a big way for spring! We are thrilled that beautiful, feminine jewelry is here to stay. Look no further than our Wonderland and Bow collections for the season’s loveliest trend!

Mimi So Bow Collection

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All photography courtesy of Mimi So.