What is the meaning of April’s birthstone?

diamonds birthstone

A symbol of eternity, strength and love, the diamond is April’s birthstone. Aside from being the traditional choice for engagement rings, the diamond is believed to resonate particularly with people born at this time of year.

Thought to heal illnesses during ancient times – it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that their economic value was understood –  diamonds are believed to enhance balance and bring order to people’s lives. Producing a sense of calm, thought to be due to their hardness and lack of color, diamonds have a soothing effect upon the wearer and the people they come into contact with.

For those born in April, a classic gift of diamond jewelry is the perfect choice. A solitaire pendant suits a range of styles and ages, while colorful leather bracelets bring a multitude of textures and shapes. Other gemstones and materials will provide a poignant contrast to the brilliant diamonds.

The choice of diamond cut influences the meaning of the gift, also. Round cut diamonds, for example, are the popular silhouette because they typically produce the most sparkle. A fancy cut, such as an emerald or asscher, is a striking choice for someone who appreciates vintage and art deco design. A cushion cut diamond – or pillow, as they are sometimes known – has a romantic, antique feel reminiscent of the Old European styles.

While birthstones are a powerful cultural idea, they should not get in the way of personal preference. If someone really loves sapphires, but was not born in September, don’t let that stop you choosing them their perfect piece. Likewise, a diamond can be a stunning choice for people celebrating birthdays at any time of the year.

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