Choosing an emerald or asscher cut diamond eternity band

eternity bands

While round diamonds are consistently the most popular choice for bridal jewelry, those with distinctive tastes are increasingly considering fancy diamond shapes. Silhouettes like the asscher and emerald cuts have a striking vintage appeal, and look particularly luxurious set in eternity bands.

An eternity band can either be worn by itself, with an engagement ring, or stacked with an engagement ring and a wedding band. Because of this, there are endless options for you to create a unique look that reflects your tastes. It could be that you have a very classic, understated engagement ring and are looking to add some serious style. Or perhaps you wear an emerald-cut engagement ring and want to enhance its iconic shape with even more emerald-shaped diamonds? Your own requirements will dictate what you are looking for in an eternity band.

Because step-cut facet patterns, like those of the emerald and asscher shapes, emphasize clarity over brilliance, they can stunningly complement a round brilliant or princess-cut engagement ring. In this example, the look has both classic sparkle, and the distinctive ‘X’ shapes in the table of these fancy cuts.

When choosing your emerald or asscher cut diamonds, look for those with strong clarity grades and excellent symmetry and polish. These are particularly important for diamonds with straight, square edges and flat tables – set apart from the brilliant facet patterns such as round, oval and pear. Try to align the color grades with any existing diamond rings, so that neither will appear yellow in comparison.

Do you love fancy-cut eternity bands? Which is more your style, an emerald or asscher-cut?