Claire Underwood Jewelry Style Inspiration

As the Lady Macbeth of the West Wing, House of Card’s Claire Underwood is a treasure to watch. Robin Wright’s portrayal turns the role of ‘politician’s wife’ on its head, making just as many genius political moves as her husband. And while there’s so much more to Claire than her looks, we can’t deny that the character has turned into something of a style icon.

Minimalist and fuss-free, Claire dresses like she means business. A closet filled with impeccably tailored dresses, shirts and pencil skirts – all in black, cream, navy and gray – you get the impression that she could pick out anything and be dressed to rule the world. Her jewelry is simple and elegant; she’s not one for statement necklaces and glamorous cocktail rings. Here are four pieces that make up Claire’s capsule jewelry collection.

Classic diamond stud earrings


Truly timeless, a pair of diamond stud earrings can be worn every day and for all occasions. House Of Cards costume designer, Johanna Argan says about Claire’s jewelry, “We don’t ever have to change it out because they can pretty much go with anything.” Claire Underwood’s diamond earrings are round and look to be around 1 ctw. – sizeable enough to be noticed, but not so that they draw too much attention.

Slim diamond wedding ring

claire underwood wedding ring

If Claire has a traditional diamond engagement ring, so far we haven’t seen her wear it. Claire favors the simple look of a slender French-set diamond wedding band, set in either platinum or white gold. Understated elegance is Claire’s signature and her bridal jewelry is the most telling aspect, as she will have been wearing it for decades.

Sleek silver bracelet


While Claire opts for a chic platinum watch, this smooth silver cuff has a similar feel. Minimal and versatile, it’s perfect for adding a dash of sophistication to everyday wear.

A simple pearl necklace

claire underwood pearls

For special events, Claire is sometimes seen adding pearls to her evening style. Their natural luster instantly adds a glow to any look. While pearl necklaces are sometimes associated with stuffy, conservative style, Claire pairs them with modern silhouettes and her fashionable haircut for a contemporary spin.

Do you love Claire Underwood’s minimalist jewelry style? Are you as excited about House of Cards season 3 as we are? Let us know in the comments!