Diamond earrings for men

Diamond earrings for men are a timeless way to add subtle shine to any outfit. Round and square diamond earrings bring different design elements to an otherwise classic look. These are the most popular diamond stud earrings for men, handmade by Ritani in New York.

round diamond stud earrings for men

These mens diamond earrings feature round cut diamonds in a simple four-prong setting. Choose from white gold, yellow gold, or platinum for the metal setting – each has its own unique qualities. Platinum is the most durable and strong, while its hypoallergenic properties are ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Round diamonds are the most popular shape, typically producing the most sparkle and suitable for all occasions.

square diamond stud earrings for men

Square diamond earrings possess a similar level of sparkle, but are cut with precision and bold angles in mind. Characterized by symmetry, flash and fire, these real diamond earrings for men are both classic and modern. Ranging from 0.25 ctw (total carat weight) to 1.50 ctw, they can be subtle or make a serious statement.

black diamond earrings for men

For those who like an edgier look, these black diamond earrings for men are perfect. Pavé-set with round black diamonds, set in a ball of black rhodium-plated white gold, they are an affordable alternative to larger mens diamond studs. This style is also available with white diamonds in a white gold setting.

Which diamond earrings for men style is right for you? Do you prefer the classic look of round diamonds, or the modern square cut?