Gemstone wedding rings to celebrate colorful love

While gemstone engagement rings have become increasingly popular recently – due, in no small part, to Kate Middleton sporting a stunning sapphire halo – gemstone wedding rings are a chic alternative. By opting for a gemstone band, you can still have the traditional diamond engagement ring you always dreamed of, but with an added flash of dramatic color.

Here are some of the most stunning gemstone wedding rings, handcrafted in New York by Ritani.

ruby wedding ring

Rubies represent passion, courage and love – perfect for setting in a wedding band. Ruby wedding bands have a rich red hue that contrasts powerfully with the icy brilliance of diamonds. Yellow gold amplifies their warm tones, while cool platinum and white gold make a chic statement. A ruby wedding ring may be particularly suited for a woman born in July, as it is their birthstone. Ruby eternity rings are also traditionally gifted to celebrate 15th wedding anniversaries.

white gold sapphire wedding ring

Blue sapphire wedding rings are an increasingly popular choice for those looking at pieces that feel a little more unique. Celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Elizabeth Hurley and Victoria Beckham are often photographed wearing their beautiful blue sapphire rings, influencing the trends and offering a vibrant yet vintage-inspired alternative. Sapphires are also traditionally gifted for 45th wedding anniversaries, making them a symbolic offering for vow renewals.

champagne diamond wedding ring

Champagne diamond rings bring an earthy richness to bridal jewelry, offering an antique elegance that juxtaposes with classic colorless diamonds. Also known as cognac diamond rings, these stones look particularly stunning when set in yellow gold.

yellow sapphire wedding ring

Yellow sapphires bring stunning warmth to your bridal look that complements other gemstones and diamonds. This yellow sapphire stacking ring is available set in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and palladium. Black rhodium plating is also offered, for an edgy finish.

black diamond gemstone wedding rings

Black diamond rings have a stylish impact that makes them ideal for fashion-forward brides who don’t always favor a traditional look. The stones are set closely together, for a chic and dramatic effect.

Which gemstone wedding band is your favorite? Do you like the idea of a colorful wedding ring, or do you prefer traditional diamond wedding rings?