How to design a diamond pendant she’ll love

diamond pendants

Truly timeless, a diamond pendant is the ideal gift for someone you love. A solitaire diamond setting can have more classic or contemporary influences, depending on the cut and choice of precious metal.

As the focus of an elegant solitaire design, your choice of diamond is the most notable aspect. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular choice. The shape is iconic, while their facets are cut for incredible sparkle. Princess-cut diamonds offer a more modern silhouette, with their crisp, sharp angles. They are also cut with a brilliant facet pattern, with a similar level of sparkle to the round.

Consider the 4Cs of cut, clarity, color and carat weight. A colorless or near-colorless grade is advised for white gold and platinum settings, as these metals emphasize the diamond’s lack of color. Yellow gold, on the other hand, will balance out the yellow tones in diamonds with lesser color grades, such as H and I.

four-prong diamond pendant

A four-prong setting enhances your diamonds’ symmetry, while a three-prong martini setting is a subtle twist on a classic look. Fewer prongs allow more light to reach your diamond, resulting in an even greater brilliance. Both settings keep your diamond secure.

standard bale diamond pendant

The pendant’s bale will affect how your diamond hangs. A standard bale allows the diamond to hang gracefully below the chain, while a standard bale keeps it in line with the chain, for a seamless necklace.

For a traditional, almost vintage-inspired pendant, yellow gold makes a distinctive choice. Appealing to those with an appreciation for antique jewelry, its soft, luxurious color is very romantic. White gold and platinum are considered more stylish currently, having gained in popularity since the 1920s.

yellow gold and white gold pendants

Consider the wearer’s sense of style when selecting their necklace’s metal. If in doubt, select a white metal; these are considered more timeless. The beauty of a solitaire diamond pendant, though, is that they are truly classic. Whether her taste is of the moment, very on-trend, or vintage-influenced, a diamond pendant looks stunning on every woman.