Holiday offer: Free bead bracelet

Ritani is proud to offer our customers stunning gifts this holiday season. Receive a free bead bracelet in sterling silver with your jewelry purchase of $250 or more, before December 22nd.

Smooth beads of sterling silver create the perfect bracelet, ideal for both gifting to a loved one and for treating yourself. To receive your bracelet gift, choose your favorite Ritani jewelry pieces – either one piece valued at $250, or several that add up to $250 or more – and the bracelet will automatically be added to your cart at checkout. Below are some stunning pieces of jewelry available now at Ritani, for your inspiration.

swiss blue topaz pendant

As one of December’s birthstones, topaz is a stunning choice for this time of year. Its striking blue hue contrasts with the festive greens and reds, making the wearer stand out from the crowd. Discover more topaz jewelry, or learn about its unique qualities.

beaded necklace

To perfectly match your free bead bracelet, choose this sterling silver necklace. Its timeless design makes it ideal for everyday wear, no matter the occasion. Its hollow beads have a comfortable, lightweight feel.


If you prefer the look of stacked bangles on the wrist, consider a SOHO bangle to contrast with the beaded texture of your bracelet gift. Each piece is handcrafted in smooth, lustrous enamel and every one has a unique finish. The brushed foliage detailing on this one is perfect for festive party looks, but various animal prints and block colors are also available.


Kara Ross’ Pangea Accent Diamond Stud Earrings have a unique style, with a touch of classic sparkle. The Pangea collection is inspired by the literal and figurative movement of the earth, named after the ancient super continent.

slane bee ring

SLANE’s Bee Ring symbolizes strength, wisdom and nobility. A meaningful gift for a loved one this holiday season, it is a timeless emblem that makes for a uniquely distinctive cocktail ring.

Learn more about Ritani’s holiday offers, or shop fine jewelry and gift ideas now.