Jewelry style rules that it’s okay to break

There are plenty of classic rules that supposedly come into play with the curating of a jewelry collection. Many of these are perpetuated by the traditional jewelry industry, telling customers that this goes with that, but definitely not that. We happen to think these types of rules are restricting, and go against the spirit and beauty of jewelry. We think it’s important for you to make your own way, to pair pieces that feel right and meaningful, and express your own unique sense of style. Here are some fine jewelry style rules that it is absolutely ok to break.

Your birthstone is not ‘set in stone’

Yes, traditionally each month has one or two birthstones that are supposed to represent personality qualities and traits that are associated with those born in that month. If these happen to correspond with you, and you love the gemstone, feel free to create a stunning collection of jewelry set with your beloved birthstone.

However: if you have an August birthday, and can’t stand peridot, please do not try to persuade yourself that it needs to shape your fine jewelry collection. If you were born in February but adore rubies, don’t feel silly about telling people your preference. While family and friends will often opt to buy someone their birthstone if shopping for a birthday jewelry gift, they would much prefer to choose a piece that you will really love and never stop wearing.

You don’t have to pick just one metal

While conventional wisdom in the industry seems to say that a cohesive look is defined by consistent metal choices, this isn’t always realistic or even desirable. Perhaps you have a partiality to both rose gold and platinum jewelry – wearing them together, or for certain occasions and environments.

Maybe you love emeralds set in yellow gold, but prefer diamonds to be set in white gold. An eclectic and colorful jewelry collection is something to be proud of, to build over time and reflect your multifaceted, individual tastes.

It’s okay to not want a large diamond ring

While celebrity culture encourages many to spend on the largest engagement ring they can afford, it may not always be the right decision. Perhaps you’re saving for a house, and feel the money would be better spent elsewhere. Maybe a diamond isn’t your thing, and you’d love a bright blue sapphire instead. Carat weight could be less important to you than having a smaller diamond with an Ideal Cut grade for extraordinary sparkle.

Trust in your own tastes, be realistic about how much you can spend, and do your research to find the perfect engagement ring for you and your partner. Ritani makes it easy to shop for engagement rings with a free in-store preview, while our Virtual Gemologists can help you choose between up to 4 stones of your choice.

Are there other jewelry style rules you would add to this list? Which resonates most with you and your jewelry collection? Let us know in the comments!