Introducing Mimi So: Designer Collections

Ritani Designer Collections brings you the most iconic luxury jewelry designers, in addition to emerging talents and newcomers to the industry. Ritani is proud to partner with such esteemed jewelry brands, including Mimi So.

Born and raised in New York, Mimi So designs jewelry that embodies the iconic city’s sense of confident and bold rebellion. Her art-inspired designs feature contrasting bold and fluid lines, evoking feminine beauty, strength and compassion. Mimi So’s jewelry is created so as to empower the women who wear it, allowing them to express their unique tastes and distinctive personalities. Many famous faces, including Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore and Nicole Richie have worn her jewelry, while her pieces have been featured in the pages of Elle, Cosmopolitan, and W Magazine.

Each of Mimi So’s jewelry collections draws its inspiration directly from her authentic experience. Discover the powerful symbolism and breathtaking design of every Mimi So piece in the Ritani Designer Collections.

Small Bow Pile


Says Mimi So of her celebrated Bow collection, “I created a modern, sculptural bow ring inspired by tying a string around one’s finger to remind oneself of special moments.”

Embellished with dazzling diamonds and vivid sapphires, the Bow collection offers rings, necklaces and playfully chic stud earrings. Each gemstone and precious metal adds a distinctive twist on Mimi So’s bow design.

mimi so piece necklace

“The squares in the signature Piece collection represent the past, present and future,” explains So. “The future is the largest, representing optimism and possibility.”

Throughout all of Mimi’s designs flows a profound positivity, a ‘joie de vivre’ that instantly uplifts the wearer with elegance and poise.

mimi so phoenix

“The Phoenix collection represents rising, freedom, spirituality, and empowerment. Phoenix pieces encourage the wearer to turn negative into positive by belief in the self,” continues So. From ancient mythology, the phoenix is a rich universal symbol for overcoming life’s struggles. Jewelry within this collection reflects the strength and resilience of its wearer, full of significance and hope.


Many of So’s pieces are inspired by one of her greatest passions; travel. For the Jackson collection, “I was inspired by a retreat with my family to the snowy, fairy tale mountain haven of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The 3D geometric shapes represent complexity, individuality and balance,” she tells us.

Cast by hand in shades of precious gold, these pieces are a stunning blend of contemporary angles and timeless craftsmanship. The brilliance of round diamonds poignantly contrasts with the asymmetrical edges, producing jewelry that feels like wearable art. Watch the video below to learn more about Mimi’s inspiration and design process.

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