Modern gemstone jewelry for your wish list

These modern gemstone jewelry styles are perfect for adding contemporary luxury to your existing collection. Their bright colors and abstract shapes stand out from traditional design, yet their sources of inspiration are often ancient or timeless.

kara ross opal stud earrings

Kara Ross’ Petra collection is inspired by the contrast between rough and polished gemstones, celebrating the natural world’s splendor. These fan gemstone earrings have an ear jacket feel, following the line of the lobe. Iridescent opal, azurite malachite and chrysocola convey a spectrum of blue gemstone hues, trimmed with brilliant diamonds and set in 18kt yellow gold. They are the perfect pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

kara ross gemstone pendant

Inspired by the sinewy movements of a snake, this graduating rock crystal pendant is hinged for flexibility and grace. The translucent whiteness of rock crystal is accented with tiny French-set diamonds, contrasting against the warmth of yellow gold. This piece can be worn alone for an elegantly minimalist style, or layered with others for chic eclecticism.

lilac spinel cocktail ring

A bezel-set lilac spinel rests in this cocktail ring by Erica Courtney. The gleaming coil of 18kt yellow gold winds around the finger to create a unique gemstone ring that’s colorful and chic.

mimi so bow sapphire stud earrings

These blue sapphire bow stud earrings by Mimi So are modern in their larger-than-life design. Structured, vibrant and fun, the gemstone earrings can instantly transform a simple and serious ensemble.

kara ross onyx crystal cuff

Boldly architectural, this rock crystal and yellow gold cuff is at once modern and pre-historic in its energy. Oversized and distinctive, this piece is made for adding a luxurious edge to otherwise simple looks. Worn with a t-shirt and jeans, it has a casual bohemian feel. With a classic evening dress, it brings a contemporary sophistication.

kara ross topaz stud earrings


The contrast between rich blue topaz and warm yellow gold characterizes these unique gemstone stud earrings. Pavé diamonds snake across the surface, exhibiting modern brilliance in a fresh silhouette.

erica courtney orange sapphire ring

A gemstone pinky ring adds the perfect touch of color to your jewelry look. This Erica Courtney design features closely set orange sapphires, for a vibrant and playful style. On the left hand, it can add a fashionable element to a bridal set, while on the right it’s an unexpected flash of luxury.

Do you adore modern gemstone jewelry? Which of these pieces has made it onto your wish list?