New Year’s Eve Jewelry Trends

A time for unabashed celebration, New Year’s Eve is absolutely the time to bring out your most stunning statement jewelry. Unless you are the most ardent minimalist, this is not the time to be demure and subtle. Here are our favorite pieces of New Year’s Eve jewelry to let you shine.

Go for Gold

Gold is the unofficial color of New Year’s Eve. Yellow gold bracelets, necklaces, and oversized earrings pack a stylish punch that reflects the exuberance and excitement of the night.

SLANE yellow gold cuff

A simple contoured cuff is the easiest way to draw eyes with a fuss-free style that’s comfortable to wear all night. This piece from SLANE is handcrafted from sustainable yellow gold, perfectly formed to hug the wrist. Its brushed finish has a striking antique feel.

Dramatic Diamond Drop Earrings

hydra pave diamond drop earrings

All that glitters is not gold; consider diamonds, too! A glamorous pair of chandelier drop earrings lights up the face, perfect for photo opportunities throughout the night. Drop earrings range in size, from delicate, relatively understated styles, through to oversized, opulent pieces that characterize an ensemble.

Colorful Cocktail Rings

amethyst kara ross ring

The perfect accompaniment for your champagne toast, a colorful gemstone cocktail ring adds a dose of vibrant playfulness to any look. Whether to complement the colors in your dress, or to bring a dash of vivid luxury to a black and white outfit, cocktail rings are always a dazzling choice. Rich red rubies and green emeralds express vintage opulence, while a rainbow of garnet, tourmaline and other semi-precious stones can have a thoroughly modern appeal.

Which pieces of New Year’s Eve jewelry are you planning to wear? Do you agree that it’s a night to get dressed up with lots of sparkle, or do you prefer a minimalist and understated style?