Ritani stackable bands with diamonds and gemstones

diamond stackable bands

Our new collection of diamond and gemstone bands brings dazzling color to your jewelry style. From blue and yellow sapphires, to champagne diamond engagement rings, these elegant slim bands are designed to be worn stacked together for an eclectic, fashionable look.

With a variety of gemstones, metals, and widths to choose from, you can create a truly unique effect. Pair your favorite styles stacked together on the same finger, or spread across both hands.

The beauty of this collection is that you can start with one band that speaks most to your tastes, and gradually build your set as your style evolves. Whether it’s a seasonal update (yellow sapphires welcome the spring sunshine), or a contrasting black diamond and black rhodium band to reflect your currently gothic engagement rings mood, the emphasis is on your personal expression.

ritani stackable bands

These bands also make a unique alternative to traditional diamond wedding bands. Whether to liven up your beloved engagement ring, or to be worn alone on the ring finger, pink sapphires, champagne diamonds and other gemstones are a colorful option that makes you stand out from those making more classic choices.

In recent years, it has become more acceptable and desirable to wear a stack of sparkling bands, rather than the timeless bridal set. While, by their very nature, rings with larger center diamonds are consistently most popular, this may inspire you to select bridal jewelry that sits a little further out of the norm.

These bands are also a popular choice for right hand rings – to balance out the look of your engagement ring and wedding band. For a dazzling look from both hands, these bands offer a pop of color that complements the diamonds you already love to wear.

What do you think of the new stackable collection? Which pieces are your favorites?