Why is rose gold popular again?

The recent surge in popularity of rose gold and yellow gold is wonderful news for those who appreciate color in their jewelry. While platinum and white gold are timelessly chic, the romantic warmth of rose and yellow gold hues is simply stunning.

In contrast to the cool crispness of white metals, rose gold has a soothing, calming effect that complements all skin tones. Even now it is gaining momentum as a jewelry trend, for engagement rings rose gold is still considered a unique choice – that speaks to the distinctive tastes of its wearer.

rose gold stacking bangles

The rosy precious metal has become a trend at the same time as other jewelry styles, such as stacking bands and stacked bangles have become favored looks. These paired pieces emphasize the eclectic choices of the person wearing them – that they can opt for different colors, textures and designs to produce an effect that’s uniquely theirs.

However, the stacking trend is far from new. Audrey Hepburn wore interchangeable rose gold, white gold and yellow gold bands as an alternative to her wedding band in the 1960s. Decades later, the look has been revived, and seems to suggest that we can have it all. Depending on the mood or the occasion, mixed metals, gemstones and finishes can be switched out to produce strikingly different effects.

yellow gold wedding bands ritani

Yellow gold is making something of a comeback, too. While a minority of customers has consistently preferred the traditional color, more and more are coming to appreciate its classic beauty. Newlyweds Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been spotted wearing matching yellow gold wedding rings, indicating a revival in yellow gold men’s wedding bands and yellow gold women’s wedding rings. Even more intriguing is that Jolie’s engagement ring is set in white metal. The star is evidently not afraid of mixing metals for a more unusual style.

Have you noticed rose gold becoming more popular? Are you looking to add more rose and yellow gold jewelry to your collection?