NFL Men’s Diamond Earrings: Sparkle Bowl 49

With the Seahawks returning to the Super Bowl this Sunday to defend their title, we thought it would be interesting to see which team has the most impressive selection of diamond stud earrings: the Seattle Seahawks, or the New England Patriots.

Diamond earrings for men bring a classic yet striking edge to a look. Their natural brilliance and timeless appeal make them a popular jewelry choice for men of all ages and tastes. Let’s take a look at how these two talented teams wear their diamond earrings.

The Seahawks

doug baldwin diamond stud earrings

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, both in his impressive on field performance, and his choice of earrings. His princess cut diamond earrings in a bold square shape emphasize brilliance, symmetry and precision.

kam chancellor

Legion of Boom’s Kam Chancellor is often seen wearing diamonds. His round 2 carat diamond earrings look to be be near-colorless or colorless, for crisp and clear white scintillation.

richard sherman diamond earrings

Is Richard Sherman the best cornerback in the NFL? He seems to think it’s a silly question, but what we really want to know is where he got those huge men’s diamond earrings. Paired with the Stanford graduate’s signature bow tie, it’s a formal look that’s both quirky and timeless.

marshawn lynch diamond earrings

Marshawn may say he’s just about that action (boss), and Beast Mode certainly dominates the field. We have to say, though, that he’s also about those diamond studs. In a star shape, we like to think the 1 carat diamond earrings symbolize the running back’s out-of-this-world skills.

The Patriots


Signed to the Patriots in 2014, Jonas Gray has already made a big impression – scoring four touchdowns in a game after entering the game with zero career touchdowns. We’re equally impressed by his choice of accessories – round diamond stud earrings in classic four prong settings. Strong platinum highlights the diamonds’ lack of internal color and protects their pavilions.


Running back Stevan Ridley opts for yellow diamond earrings. Their eye-catching color, set in subtle scalloped halos, shows that he is not afraid to take risks with his style. Because of their rarity, yellow diamond studs are typically more expensive than colorless diamonds of similar carat weight.

darrelle revis diamond earrings

Frequently spotted wearing diamonds, Darrelle Revis is another outstanding cornerback. He typically favors large diamond stud earrings, estimated to be between 2 and 3 carats. We’ll gladly take a trip to Revis Island if it means we can try on those sparkling studs!

Which team has the best collection of diamond stud earrings?
Seattle Seahawks
6 Vote
New England Patriots
5 Vote


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