The most stunning 2015 necklace trends

As a new year approaches, we take a look at the biggest 2015 necklace trends. From oversized gemstone collars to classic, versatile pendants, you’re sure to find an exciting jewelry trend to try in the upcoming months.

Statement Gemstone Necklaces

Oversized gemstones take the statement necklace to new, colorful heights. Pair Kara Ross’ Petra raw amethyst necklace with a neutral-colored outfit for maximum impact. The rough slices of amethyst, displaying the spectrum of its stunning purple tones, stand out from the sleek, polished styles of most luxury fine jewelry.

kara ross amethyst necklace

This trend is not limited to colorful semi-precious gems, however. Ornately vintage designs that draw the eye and frame the neck are key. SLANE’s moonstone and diamond necklace complements the pearly neutral tones of its gems, with the antique qualities of brushed yellow gold. The effect is truly captivating.

slane moonstone necklace

Tassel Necklaces

Worn by Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker, it was only a matter of time before tassel necklaces became a force to be reckoned with. Simple yet different, a tassel necklace is the ultimate versatile accessory. From pullovers to your favorite little black dress, this tassel necklace works perfectly with any ensemble.

slane tassel necklace

Minimalist Pendants

With geometric angles and elegantly simple designs, these pendants are ideal for a sparkling take on the minimalist fashion trend. Mimi So’s Piece Collection represents windows of time, allowing the wearer to reflect on their past, present and future. SOHO’s oval pendants are effortlessly glamorous on a long chain, their smooth surface bringing a peaceful, polished finish to your look.

all small piece nck

For a colorful twist, look to Kara Ross’ gemstone split pendants. The juxtaposition of rough and polished stones brings a truly unique quality that still feels understated and elegant in these subtle designs.

kara ross topaz pendant

Which of these 2015 necklace trends is your favorite? Do you prefer to make a statement in gemstone necklaces, or are you a fan of sleek tassel pendants? Let us know in the comments!