The Perfect Summer-to-Fall Transition Jewelry

As the air gets crisper and the days shorter, so too begins another yearly change: the shifting of our wardrobes from summer to fall styles. Autumn is widely considered fashion’s most important season, with an emergence of new trends in both clothing and accessories. We sat down with our Director of Merchandising, Ria Papasifakis, to learn more about the double-duty jewelry trends that will help you transition seamlessly from summer to fall.

Rose Gold
The “it” metal of this season will continue to pack serious style punch this fall, according to Papasifakis. “The blush hue of rose gold pairs just as well with the softer pastels of summer as it does with the deeper tones characteristic of autumn,” she says. “Warm taupes, lush greens and muted pinks are predicted to be huge next season — all of which complement rose gold extremely well.”

rose gold stud earrings

Stacking Jewelry
The layered look that has dominated the fashion world for the last several seasons will carry on into the fall. “We’ll continue to see style mavens stack necklaces, rings and bracelets,” Papasifakis says. “While the pieces themselves may evolve from season-to-season, the general idea stays the same.”

To transition your look from summer to fall, our merchandising team suggests pairing some of your lightweight summer jewelry with the chunkier, more substantial pieces coming out this fall. That mix of textures and weights not only makes a unique style statement, but really is the perfect between-season conversion.

ritani octagon layered necklace

Ear Jackets & Climbers
These go-to summer accessories were also a runway staple during Fall Fashion Month. “The idea of either an ear climber or an ear jacket is to create the illusion of multiple ear piercings,” explains Papasifakis. “We’re going to see a lot of statement fashion this fall — think bomber jackets, faux fur in bold colors — and across-ear earrings make the perfect accessory for an edgy, yet polished effect.”

If you’re curious what the difference is between the two, Papasifakis notes: “Ear jackets, also called ear cuffs, frame the perimeter of the ear, whereas ear climbers, also called crawlers, travel up the center of the ear, directly above the piercing.”

diamond pave ear climber earrings

Cuff Bracelets
The grab-and-go summer essential will still have an important place in your fall fashion lineup. “The cuff is here to stay, and will be on-trend for the foreseeable future,” says Papasifakis. “For fall we are seeing a movement towards bolder, more durable pieces, with trendsetters even wearing them over top of long sleeves.” She goes on to explain, “Cuffs are one of the more versatile accessories out there. They can be worn alone, stacked, and easily dressed up or down. They truly are the perfect transition piece, whether that be from day to night, or season to season.”

hammered polished cuff bracelet

Hoop Earrings
It’s no secret that hoop earrings are back in a major way this summer. According to Papasifakis, that trend will stick, but their fall counterparts will be of the shinier, more elevated variety. “With the popularity of crystals and other sparkling pieces on the runway during Fall Fashion Month, I expect we’ll see a host of jewelry basics get a bit of a makeover. Think diamond-encrusted versions of hoops, studs and bar pendants.”

diamond hoop earrings


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