Trending: Diamond Cluster Jewelry

What could sound more appealing than a cluster of dazzling diamonds? Diamond cluster jewelry is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to classic solitaire styles, and with good reason. Here are some ways that you can experiment with the trend, in a perfect balance of chic and classic style.

diamond cluster bracelet

Juxtaposed against the rich hues of rose or yellow gold, the diamond clusters set in Hulchi Belluni’s beaded stretch bracelets are simply exquisite. Each tiny diamond is reflected in the angles of others, coming together in a delicate and comfortable stackable bracelet.

diamond cluster studs

Diamond cluster stud earrings are often considered an accessible alternative to classic diamond studs. Smaller stones set in two earrings will be generally more affordable than two center stones of comparable carat weight. Their round stud design retains the timeless simplicity of a classic diamond earring, ensuring they’ll be forever treasured.

diamond cluster ring

Whether as an alternative to the simple solitaire engagement ring style or as a right hand cocktail piece, diamond cluster rings have a brilliant allure. Each stone’s beauty is amplified by the wider setting, for an eye-catching piece that can represent friendship, love, or as a treat to oneself.

diamond cluster pendant

An intricate diamond cluster pendant might be the perfect choice for trying out this dazzling trend. White gold and platinum settings highlight the brilliance of each diamond, while halo silhouettes bring a vintage quality. Find a piece that feels different from the rest of your jewelry collection, but will be easily incorporated into looks for years to come.

Do you adore the diamond cluster jewelry trend? Which of these styles is on your wish list? Let us know in the comments!