Valentine’s Day necklace gift ideas

Find the perfect Valentine’s Day necklace to show your affections. In stylish and sleek sterling silver, these pendants are ideal for everyday wear. Explore Ritani’s jewelry collection to find a piece that will suit your partner’s tastes and unique style.

infinity valentine's day necklace

While heart-shaped jewelry is always popular on Valentine’s Day, it’s not the only option. This infinity pendant in sterling silver is an iconic symbol, representing your love and companionship. Hanging from a delicate chain, it is simple enough to be worn on a daily basis.

classic heart pendant valentine's day necklace

This open heart pendant is a timeless Valentine’s Day gift. Simple, elegant and romantic, it shows them just what they mean to you. Classic sterling silver is durable and light to wear.

infinity hoops valentine's day necklace

A choice that’s less obviously ‘Valentine’s Day’, this infinity hoops pendant in sterling silver plays off its contrasting textures. Interlocking beaded and smooth hoops symbolize your bond as two distinct individuals.

radiant pendant valentine's day necklace

Crafted in 18kt rose gold, this radiant heart pendant uses romantic, warm color and negative spacing with stunning effect. Rose gold’s hue flatters all skin tones and is one of this year’s biggest trends in fine jewelry and engagement rings.

double disc diamond eclipse valentine's day necklace

Two discs of sterling silver rest together in this elegant sterling silver pendant. Adorned with tiny diamonds, it is a piece that feels both contemporary and ancient. Reminiscent of an eclipse, this is a striking jewelry gift for your loved one.

Are you looking for the perfect pendant this Valentine’s Day? Browse other jewelry styles, or learn how to choose the right gift for a partner or friend.