What Are VS1 and VS2 Diamonds?

When shopping for a diamond, you may notice that a few confusing classifications come into play. This is especially true, with regards to diamond clarity (clarity being just one of the four c’s- cut, color, clarity, and carat). VS or very slightly included, for example, is a clarity distinction that affects both the style and price of a diamond.

With pricing, a mixture of all of the four C’s is taken into account. VS1 and VS2 diamonds are slightly above average in clarity, and feature only minimal inclusions. The inclusions they do have, are usually hard to detect, and they usually ‘eye-clean’ diamonds. Ultimately, each VS1 and VS2 diamond must be examined on a case-by-case basis, because inclusions themselves differ widely.

The faults that VS diamonds do possess are not as diminishing as that of a slightly included (SI) or included (I) diamond. Considering the fact that diamonds are formed a hundred miles below the earth’s surface, at scorching-hot 200 degree temperatures, over billion-year time spans, we can all give VS diamonds a break for not being perfectly flawless after a particularly rough upbringing, can’t we?

Understanding VS1 And VS2 Diamonds

VS1 and VS2 diamonds contain inclusions that are rarely visible. The individual not trained in diamond evaluation, would have a hard time spotting these faults. The nature of an inclusion, lies at the heart of the difference between VS1 and VS2 diamonds. VS1 inclusions will be less detectable, less numerous, and smaller in size than VS2 inclusions.

In terms of detectability, VS2 inclusions are usually more poorly placed than VS1 inclusions. If for example, there’s a cavity inclusion on the edge of a diamond, making it less easily detectable, then a VS1 rating will most likely await this diamond. Place that same cavity inclusion more toward the center of a similarly-sized diamond, and that alone may make it a VS2 diamond due to ease in spotting it.

Ahead of VS1 and VS2 diamonds on the clarity scale, are VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds, as well as flawless (FL) and internally flawless (IF) diamonds. Next to slightly included and included diamonds, however, VS1 and VS2’s are superior. VS1’s in particular are still, though barely, above-average in terms of diamond clarity grading.

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How Is Diamond Clarity Measured?

Clarity is one of the all important 4 C’s of diamond evaluation (cut, carat, clarity, color). VS1 and VS2 diamonds contain blemishes that are sometimes able to be seen by the naked eye.

Clarity is measured both under a jeweler’s loupe, and with the help of the good old-fashioned eye test. A diamond is examined by a jeweler from a minimum of four different angles under a 10x magnifying glass, before a classification is made.

If imperfections cannot be spotted with a standard 10x magnification loupe, than an even higher powered lens will be used. If this is the case, then it goes without saying that the VS1 or VS2 diamond in question, is already eye clean. Before a diamond receives its final clarity grade, a consensus must be reached by several professional graders.

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Sometimes, spotting VS1 and VS2 imperfections under a jeweler’s loupe requires some effort, but it’s also possible to spot larger deposit formations, say, with the naked eye. It’s important to know this before committing to a VS diamond.

Should I Buy A VS1 Or VS2 Diamond?

If what you’re after is a very cost-effective diamond, that’s still beautiful to behold, then a VS1 or VS2 diamond would be perfect for you.

In terms of price, you’ll most likely be able to save a few hundred dollars (at least) once you step down from the flawless and internally flawless categories, to the VS clarity ranges.

The savings also accumulate even more when looking at VS2 diamonds, as opposed to VS1 diamonds. Ultimately, it is not uncommon for a basic, round, 1 carat H colored VS2 diamond to be around $1,000 cheaper than its flawless or internally flawless counterpart.

Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Price
Round 1 CT Ideal F VVS1 $7,992
Round 1 CT Ideal F  VVS2 $7,483
Round 1 CT Ideal F  VS1 $6,283
Round 1 CT Ideal F  VS2 $5,531

Where Can I Find VS1 And VS2 Diamonds?

Before you settle on something as emotionally significant as a diamond, make sure you go through each of the 4 C’s in your research. You deserve to enjoy your diamond for a lifetime, and the research you put in now will, in the grand scheme of things, seem minimal.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the perfect place to apply your newly gathered knowledge of diamond clarity, check out Ritani’s inventory of VS1 and VS2 diamonds.

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