Which diamond stud shape best suits your style?

round diamond stud shape

Round shaped diamonds are the most popular choice for stud earrings. Cut for brilliant sparkle, their 58 facets are designed to reflect as much light as possible. A round diamond has the classic look that so many people love. Timeless and elegant, these stud earrings are to be forever treasured, passed down the generations.

princess cut diamond stud shape

Princess cut diamond studs are ideal for those who love the classic sparkle of the round shape, but want a more contemporary look. A brilliant facet pattern is combined with a bold, square shape for a fashionable yet eternally chic style.

asscher cut diamond stud shape

The asscher cut diamond, unlike the princess and round shapes, has a step-cut pattern. This means that rather than designed for brilliance, it is a style that places greater value on clarity. With its distinctive ‘X’ shape, the asscher is for those who want to stylishly stand out from the crowd.

Which is your favorite diamond stud shape?