A couple that grows together, stays together. It has been said that love is like a garden – the more time and effort you commit to it, the more beautiful it becomes. We all know that relationships and marriages thrive when cared for properly, so what better time than National Recommitment Month to grow your relationship bond.  From the simple to the elaborate, here’s five ways to recommit to her all over again.

1. Take a Trip

It’s been proven that getting away together can improve physical and mental health and help you reconnect as a couple.  From driving cross-country to your favorite tunes together to jet setting to an exotic location—spending a little one-on-one time together is a great way to better communication and make new memories. Travel is always more fun when you’re with someone!

2. Make Date Night a Priority

Sure, you’re busy.  There’s work, the kids, friends, chores, and a never ending to-do list.  But don’t let that be the reason to let date night slip. A Redbook survey recently found that 45% of couples rarely had a date night.  Only 18% managed to get out once a month as a couple! Take a long lunch together this month, join a gym together, or make a coffee date. It’s the thought that counts, so now matter how big or small the “date”, it’s sure to be appreciated.

3. Write a Love Letter

We know this one may sound cheesy, but hear us out. Putting actual pen to paper and writing some lovely thoughts down about your significant other is becoming a lost art. In an email and text messaging world, taking that extra time to actually write out your feelings is a gift. A gift that can be saved, reread and referenced years down the line. It’s a more emotional exchange (not to mention inexpensive), and it’s guaranteed to spark a little romance.

4. Consider a Vow Renewal

Yes, this may seem over the top – but it doesn’t have to be.  You can make this as formal or informal as you like, and if nothing else, it’s a great reason to get all your closest friends together for a killer party to help celebrate your love.

5. Say It With Jewelry 

Jewelry can be a great way to express just about any sentiment you’re feeling.  Want to show her a symbol of your everlasting commitment? Try this.  Show her what a catch you are? There’s these.  A symbol of your love, no matter big or small, will reignite a flame, which is the biggest purpose of National Recommitment Month. Let her know how much your commitment means, the time has never been better!