Why Buying Diamonds Online is Easier Than Ever

Free in-store preview by Ritani

With the rise of e-tail companies like Amazon and eBay, online shopping has become a mainstay of life in the digital age. However, luxury items like diamonds and fine jewelry were slow to gain acceptance in the online shopping world. While eBay engagement rings are out there and Amazon engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to do your research. The importance of getting the diamond just right, not to mention the high value of the product, make the idea of shopping for diamonds online a stressful one. On the other hand, you could shop for engagement rings at Walmart – but ideally, you want a convenient experience and an exquisite product.

Thanks to recent advances in e-tail, though, today’s consumer can have a stress and hassle-free online diamond shopping experience.

You can give yourself a better diamond education.

Diamond color education
A preview screenshot of Ritani’s revamped education section – coming soon!

An excellent feature that online diamond retailers have added to their websites is comprehensive and digestible diamond education. One of the hardest parts about buying a diamond is knowing enough about the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Without knowing the fundamentals of the 4Cs, you won’t know how many diamond options are out there or which diamond is best for you.

You can see and try a diamond before you buy it.

Previously, one of the most worry-inducing aspects of buying online engagement rings was the fact that, in many cases, you were purchasing an expensive gemstone sight unseen.

Starting in 1999, GIA grade reports were available online. However, it was not until recently that high quality diamond imagery became an important part of selling diamonds online. Now you can see high definition, magnified photography of the diamond you intend to buy. With imagery and 360-degree diamond videos, you can see any inclusions on your diamond as they actually appear, rather than as points on a GIA report’s plotting chart.


With features like Ritani’s free in-store preview, trying your diamond before you buy it goes a step further. You can come into your local jeweler and see and hold your diamond in purchase before you decide to buy it. This obligation-free service is intended to give online diamond shoppers even more peace of mind before their purchase. The best place to buy engagement rings is actually the perfect blend of online and at your local jeweler.

We also offer free returns on our diamonds, which means you can eliminate the worry and fear of theft or damage when sending back a diamond that doesn’t suit your needs.

You don’t have to sacrifice the relationship with your local jeweler.

Free in-store preview by Ritani

Free in-store previews aren’t the only way that online diamond sellers make it so you can maintain a relationship with your local jeweler. There are several other cost-saving perks of using an online diamond retailer.

Some features that we offer are free returns to your local jeweler, free ring sizing for life, and our Lifetime Care Package. The Lifetime Care Package includes a value appraisal of your diamond or engagement ring, free cleanings for life, a GIA certificate, and a lifetime warranty. We also have excellent trade-up policies for customers who want to exchange for a higher quality stone.

The goal of any reputable online diamond retailer should be providing the customer with the most seamless and stress-free purchase possible. We developed our handy RFID app for our local jeweler partners so that jewelers and customers can have access to our full inventory. We strive for full integration with our local partners in order to produce the best and easiest customer experience possible.

engagement ring rfid app
A screenshot from Ritani’s new RFID app.

These and other similar benefits allow online shoppers to purchase a diamond from anywhere in the world while still preserving access to a local jeweler.

You can buy your diamond online anytime you want.

With better diamond education resources and the convenience of shopping online, you can buy a diamond online anytime, day or night. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring online, you can use an online retailer to make your purchase when she’s sleeping, at work, or out for the afternoon.

International diamond orders are much simpler online.

In addition to anytime, you can also buy a diamond online from anywhere. Just make sure you don’t choose a company that drops the hassle and cost of international returns on you. At Ritani, we work with a company called BorderFree so we can guarantee our international customers free shipping, free returns, and the option to pay in US dollars or your home currency.

Because we handle the cost of shipping and returns, making an international diamond purchase online is often more convenient and more cost-effective.

You can easily compare brands, products, and pricing.

HD image of a round cut diamond

Transparency is perhaps the most important advantage of buying diamonds online. For those who are into independent research, your options for comparing prices of different brands and products are greatly expanded when you shop online. If you’d like more assistance during your online shopping experience, most reputable diamond sellers will have an excellent customer service team that will help you.

At Ritani, we offer a price match guarantee for all of our loose diamonds. This means that you can call or chat one of our customer service representatives and we will find a diamond in our inventory that perfectly matches your quality and price requirements. You don’t have to settle for overpriced, expensive engagement rings that don’t meet the standards.

To ensure transparency, here’s a tip: ask your customer service representative if they are paid on commission. If they are, they will naturally try to up-sell you on certain products. Ritani’s customer service team is not paid on commission, so we can guarantee price transparency to all our customers.

Do you have a positive online diamond shopping experience to share with us? How about a photo of a diamond engagement ring that was purchased online? Feel free to share comments, questions, and pictures in the comments below!