Which Decade of Diamond Are You?

bride wearing lace wedding gown

To say that we are a diverse generation of style seekers would be an understatement. Women’s style personalities range from vintage and classic to runway chic – and everything in between. Shouldn’t your choice of a diamond follow the same rule?

We’ve compiled a list of popular diamond ring styles from decades past to help you discover which diamond decade reflects your style personality.

1. For the High-Fashionista: Art Deco 30’s

octagonal vingage diamond engagement ring | ritani
Some of the most popular trends today were born in the early 20th century, and Art Deco is a perfect example. The diamonds of the 1930’s had a strong, architectural feel that boasted geometric shapes such as radiant and asscher-cut stones. While round-cut diamonds were also popular at this time, the diamonds were primarily set in metal, which allowed for versatile designs.

For the stylish risk-taker who sets her own style trends, 1930’s diamond styles are your perfect match.

2. For the Glamorous Girly-Girl: Romantic 1940’s

rose gold engagement ring with round center diamond | ritani
The 1940’s were easily the decade of extravagance. During the 1940’s, the diamond’s reputation as a symbol of love and romance truly blossomed. Diamonds of this era were extravagant, round-cut stones fit for a queen. The rings of this decade mimicked Victorian-style diamonds with curved lines and feminine designs.

For the first time ever, Hollywood starlets of the 40’s wore diamond rings in romantic movies. This gave birth to the trend of celebrity ring styles influencing the masses – a trend that is still going strong.

If you’re a glamorous bride-to-be with feminine and fairy-tale style, you will easily find the ring of your dreams in this decade’s ring styles.

3. For the Vintage Mod-Lover: Chic 1960’s

emerald diamond in 18 kt white gold solitaire setting | ritani

The ultra-cool, mod subculture emerged during this decade and diamond ring styles were heavily influenced by this trend. Mod culture was sleek and stylish with an androgynous feel.

The diamond shapes of this decade skewed away from traditional emerald, heart and pear-shaped diamonds surged as popular diamond styles for the fashion-forward brides of the 60’s. Set in platinum or white gold, diamonds of this decade were just as cool as their owners.

If your style favors the retro and chic, go for a ring-style from the 60’s.

4. For the Flower Child: Groovy 1970’s

yellow gold engagement ring with oval diamond | ritain

If your closet is full of vibrant, festival-worthy ensembles, the groovy 1970’s may be your ideal diamond decade. The diamond rings of this time mirrored its fashion – floral and colorful, with lots of personality.

The popularity of yellow and rose-gold settings with multiple rows of diamonds gained steam during this decade. The sharp and sleek fashion of the 1960’s were over and brides of the 70’s were all about fun and glitz.

For all the flower-crown lovers out there, the 1970’s diamond styles are calling you by name!

5. For the Modern-Day Princess: The 90’s Are Back!

princess cut diamond engagement ring in 18 kt white gold | ritani

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, “classic” was the new black. After the previous decades of extravagant ring styles, the diamond rings of the 90’s resembled those from the early part of the century (early 1920’s and prior). The rise of the princess-cut diamond ring took place during this decade. Brides-to-be opted for smaller, square-cut shapes that focused more on cut and clarity than design. Most diamonds at this time were set in a plain platinum or white gold band with the focus on a solitary stone in the center.

For the modern woman that values timeless elegance and simplistic design, the 1990’s diamond ring matches your style perfectly.

The choices are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond – and if there’s one thing the modern woman values, it’s options.

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