3 wedding bands to wear with your emerald cut engagement ring

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring has a truly distinctive, vintage feel. More rare than the popular round, princess and cushion cut diamond shapes, it is an eye-catching style that appeals to those who want their ring to stand out.

Selecting a wedding band to pair with your emerald cut engagement ring can seem overwhelming at first because there are so many options. The first thing to do is decide what it is you love most about your engagement ring. This will naturally indicate what characteristics you most wish to accentuate.

ritani plain wedding bands

Your emerald cut diamond, for example, might have a Flawless or Internally Flawless clarity grade. The clarity of step-cut diamonds such as the emerald and asscher shapes is more important than with brilliant cuts, as their design allows you to look down through the table – revealing any imperfections. A plain wedding band, in the same metal as the shank of your engagement ring, will accentuate your emerald cut’s stunning clarity, for a timelessly elegant and striking effect.

ritani diamond wedding bands

On the other hand, you may be looking to add more sparkle to your emerald cut diamond. In addition to emphasizing clarity, this diamond shape does not sparkle as much as the round, princess, and fancy brilliant diamond cuts – such as the oval and radiant. A French-set or micropavé wedding band will add that classic brilliance to your engagement ring, for a bridal set that blends radiance with a stylish, vintage silhouette.

A vintage-style wedding band will enhance the art deco appeal of your emerald cut engagement ring. With its elegant, elongated shape, the diamond shape has a very glamorous appeal. A milgrain finish complements the emerald’s antique style, while micropavé sparkle adds stunning sparkle.

Each of these wedding band designs produces a different effect when worn with an emerald cut engagement ring. Whether you are in love with your emerald’s clarity, art deco glamour, or looking to add some brilliance, you can find the perfect wedding ring style.