4 places to hide an engagement ring before proposing

hide an engagement ring

Congratulations, you’ve decided to propose! This is an exciting time, as you plan when to pop the question and find the ring of your partner’s dreams. If you’re hoping for a surprise proposal, we recommend finding a safe and unexpected place to hide an engagement ring until the moment comes. Here are four places they’ll never find it:

A loved one’s house

If you want to hide the engagement ring in someone else’s home, there are some obvious factors to consider. The first being – make sure you get their permission! If you can’t trust the person not to reveal the secret, you certainly shouldn’t trust them with such an expensive and sentimental object. If it’s a home where there’s a strong chance your partner will be visiting in the near future, choose a very private spot in the house – perhaps in the closet, or in a box under the bed. For this option, consider parents, siblings, and very close friends.

At work

Depending on your profession, there may be a place at work where you can keep the ring safe and out of your partner’s way. This may work best if you have an office job, particularly if you have your own filing cabinet that can be securely locked. There are no guarantees here, obviously, but it might be the best option if you already share your living space.

At the jewelry store

Some jewelers and retailers will hold on to a ring until you are ready to collect it – within a reasonable amount of time. Explain your situation to them, and you may find that they are happy to let you pick it up closer to the time when you want to propose. If you’re ordering the ring online, ask if they are able to send out a delivery the day of the proposal. Services such as FedEx Priority Overnight make these situations simple.

In the bank

It might seem drastic, but a bank is probably the safest place to keep an engagement ring holder or other precious item. A safe-deposit box makes it very unlikely that your plan will be discovered, and the chance of the ring being stolen is extremely unlikely.


Are you planning to propose soon? Where do you think is the safest place to hide an engagement ring? Let us know in the comments!