5 three-stone engagement rings you’ll fall for

Three-stone engagement rings are ideal for those wanting a truly romantic symbol of their love. Traditionally, the three diamonds are believed to represent the past, present and future of your relationship. Here are five timeless engagement ring styles to fall in love with.

ritani round three-stone ring

Traditional three-stone

The most popular three-stone style, this engagement ring features a center diamond bordered by two smaller diamonds. Each reflects the others’ brilliance, spread across the finger for a dazzling yet classic look.

ritani three-stone halo

Three-stone halo

While halo engagement rings are very on-trend, a three-stone design brings a distinctive twist. Closely set pave diamonds form each halo, creating stunning streams of sparkle.

vintage three-stone halo

Subtle vintage halo

Another take on the halo trend, some 3 stone engagement rings features smaller side diamonds without halos. The center diamond retains the focus, then, while those complementary diamonds add to its art deco style. French-set diamonds across the band are a brilliant finish.

ritani three-stone pear

Pear-shaped three-stone

An unusual twist, this three-stone engagement ring with pear-shaped side stones allows you to incorporate fancy shapes into a traditional design. The pears’ points face outwards, for a ring that spreads across the finger.

ritani three-stone baguette ring

Three-stone baguette

Geometric baguette diamonds flank the center diamond of choice, for a look that’s modern and yet inspired by the Art Deco period. Step-cut diamonds – such as baguettes, asscher and emerald-cuts – contrast beautifully with round brilliant diamonds.

Which three-stone engagement ring is your favorite? Do you prefer the fashionable halo styles, or the more timeless designs?