7 popular engagement rings she will love

cushion halo engagement ring

These engagement rings are currently the most popular Ritani designs – and it’s easy to see why. A stunning range of classic, modern and vintage styles, there is something for every lifestyle and taste.

The cushion halo engagement ring style allows your center diamond to appear larger, as well as adding more sparkle along the band. Inspired by the exuberance of the art deco period, it captures an iconic glamour. The effect is timeless.

split shank halo popular engagement ring

A split-shank band adds a vintage twist to this round halo engagement ring. A french-set band branches as it meets the dazzling halo, adding extraordinary brilliance to the center-stone. This is a classic design that catches the light from every angle.

cushion halo popular engagement rings

A smooth band in white gold or platinum complements this dazzling cushion halo. Raised above the band for extra brilliance, this iconic style is popular with women who love sparkle with a modern influence.

classic french-set popular engagement ring

Halos aren’t the only ring styles in demand, of course! A classic french-set band makes for an elegant engagement ring, while still producing stunning sparkle. For the best effect, opt for pave diamonds that are similar in color to your center diamond. Too much contrast can highlight either’s yellowness. For diamonds closer to a faint yellow color, such as H and I grade, consider setting in yellow gold. The golden metal will neutralize the diamonds’ yellow tones.

solitaire cathedral popular engagement ring

A tapered band accentuates this solitaire engagement ring‘s diamond. A cathedral setting elevates the diamond above the band, for radiance from every angle. Solitaire settings are well-suited for those with active lifestyles, or women who favor classic, fuss-free fashion.

french-set popular engagement ring

A gorgeous vintage style, this split shank ‘V’ band cradles its center diamond and adds depth to the ring’s overall style. The antique aspect of the setting lends itself to other cuts such as emerald and asscher diamonds; the pavé brings brilliance to these more unusual, yet desirable, shapes.

six-prong solitaire popular engagement ring

A six-prong solitaire offers both style and security. A knife-edge band adds more shining angles to the ring, with the center diamond commanding attention. Choose a diamond with quality cut, color and clarity grades, for a solitaire ring with extraordinary brilliance.

Which of these most beautiful engagement rings is your favorite? See more iconic designs, or create your own custom engagement ring.