What is a baguette diamond engagement ring?

Let’s be honest – bread is delicious. However, when we refer to a baguette engagement ring, we’re not dreaming of French pastries. Baguette diamonds are actually side diamonds that frame your center stone, for an elegant and sophisticated look that hearkens back to early 20th century.

Baguette diamonds, named so because of their long and slender silhouette, are the most popular type of step-cut diamond today. Featured most often in three-stone engagement rings, they add a dash of vintage appeal to the popular round brilliant-cut center diamond.

ritani tapered asscher ring

Other step-cut rings include emerald and asscher shapes. These cuts all have large, open tables and often feature truncated (cropped) corners. When baguette diamonds are set to accent other step-cut center diamonds, the effect is very reminiscent of Art Deco jewelry. These styles were incredibly desirable in the 1920s, before the rise of the round brilliant diamond trend. Recently, however, these fancy-cut diamonds have been making a comeback – particularly for those who want their engagement ring to feel more unique.

When opting for a baguette diamond engagement ring, as with other step-cut stones, consider the clarity grades carefully. The facet pattern of these diamonds means that inclusions and blemishes may be more easily visible than with round or princess-cut stones. Reputable jewelers will be honest with you about whether a diamond’s blemishes will detract from your ring’s overall beauty. As baguettes are typically used as side-stones, their smaller carat weight will prevent most flaws from being very noticeable, too.

Do you love baguette diamond engagement rings? Would you pair them with a round center diamond, or another step-cut stone – such as an emerald or asscher?