What is a channel-set engagement ring?

A channel-set engagement ring features diamonds along the band, in addition to its center stone. Where it differs from similar styles, such as french-set or micropavé, is how these smaller diamonds are set in the metal.

Channel-set diamonds are sealed by a ridge that runs the length of the metal band. Because only the edges of each diamond are hidden, this style of setting produces lots of sparkle in a very secure manner. The metal edges protect your diamonds from scratches and scrapes. Because there are no metal prongs between each stone, the diamonds are almost touching – for an endless stream of brilliance.

channel-set engagement ring


It’s not only round brilliant diamonds that can be used in a channel-set engagement ring, either. This style, featuring six princess-cut diamonds – in addition to your choice of center diamond – has a truly contemporary elegance. The symmetry of these square stones allows them to rest even closer together, seamlessly set into your choice of metal.

ritani tapered channel-set engagement ring


The tapered band of this channel-set engagement ring draws focus to the sparkle of your center diamond. The metal secures the diamonds at their edges, just as with all channel-set styles, but subtly tapers as it meets the setting’s head.

What do you think of these channel-set styles? Do you prefer them to french-set or micropavé engagement rings? Let us know in the comments!