What is a cushion-cut diamond?

cushion cut diamond

A hybrid of the modern round brilliant and old European cuts, there are a variety of cushion-cut diamond patterns. From antique to more modern versions, each produces a distinctive effect. They all tend to be characterized, however, by large facets and rounded edges, which produce a soft, romantic style.

When it comes to selecting a cushion-cut diamond – perhaps more so than with any other shape – your personal preferences are what really count. Some are more square, while others are rectangular. Some will have a much larger facet than others. With each diamond, you will want to judge its quality grades by their own merit. For example, a cushion-cut diamond with a larger facet may require a higher clarity grade, as any inclusions will be more visible when viewing the diamond from its top.

Ritani Cushion-cut diamond

Different facet patterns will also create distinctive patterns of fire across the diamond’s surface. Smaller facets will give a crushed ice effect, with smaller fiery rays. Alternatively, a diamond with larger facets will produce broader flashes of brilliance. Both are stunning – it’s up to you to decide which is ideal.

Because of the wide variety found across cushion-cuts, it is very important that you see the actual diamond before choosing to buy. If shopping online, request real diamond imagery so you can check which style of cushion-cut you are considering. A free in-store preview of your loose diamond or cushion-cut set in an engagement ring, allows you to be sure that you love it before making a purchase. Look for generous return policies that allow you to change your mind even after payment.

Do you love cushion-cut diamonds? Which is your favorite type?