How to drop engagement ring hints

You’ve discussed marriage, you think your partner is about to propose, and yet – you still want it to be a surprise! The ring, that is. Here are some ideas for dropping engagement ring hints if you know the style, shape or even designer of ring you love. 

Pop Culture Preferences

If you’re hoping to get engaged soon, you might be paying more attention to the celebrity engagement rings that dominate entertainment news. If you see one you like, comment on it to your partner: “I love the look of asscher-cut center diamonds”, for example. Likewise, if there’s a ring you don’t like, make it clear why. If it’s yellow gold and you would never wear it, say so – and watch them make a quick mental note.

This works when people you know get engaged, too, but remember to be respectful when discussing other’s ring choices. Frame it as “Round diamonds work beautifully for her because she has such classic style, but I prefer vintage cushion cuts”, for instance.

Comment on your Collection

Perhaps you don’t want to reference engagement rings directly, in case that seems too obvious. Wear your favorite pieces of jewelry and if they are commented on, or complimented, point out why you love them so much.

If you’re a fan of vintage-inspired designs and motifs, talk about the influences and what they mean to you. If you’d prefer a ring that’s more low-key, emphasize how simple silhouettes are more versatile and easy to pair with different outfits. If your loved one is already thinking about rings, they will pick up on these coded hints.

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Point to the Pin

Pinterest is becoming an increasingly popular way to browse engagement rings and figure out your style. If you use the site, casually leaving a link open to a ring you love can be an effective – though not particularly subtle – way to let them know your tastes. If you want to still keep some element of surprise, have a few images of different designs so they can choose one to pop the question with. 

Clue in the Confidante

Whether it’s a mutual friend, or your best pal who you just know they’ll bring along, talk to someone who might be asked to help out with the purchase. Chances are, if they’re someone who is aware of style, trends and fashion, they already know something about your tastes. If you want to get specific, though, tell this person what your favorite style is, if there’s a diamond shape you love above all the rest, etc.

Even if you can’t be direct with your partner about the ring you want, this person can act as a middle ground and help guide their buying decision so that you both are happy with the result.

Are you trying to drop hints about an engagement ring? Which ways do you think are most effective? Let us know in the comments!