Some people prefer to be surprised when it comes to their engagement ring. However, if your partner has specific tastes and wants to play an active role in selecting their engagement ring, making it a combined effort is the way to go — and what better way to spend some quality, couple-time?

But before you schedule this marital shopping excursion, check out these tips on how to make it a smashing success.

Research is key.
Research is key.

Do Your Research
Engagement ring shopping isn’t as straightforward as running to the mall to buy a new outfit.

It’s important to do sufficient research regarding what type of stones, metals, cuts and styles she’s leaning towards and then identify jewelers that feature those styles.

Getting an opinion from your future fiancee’s friends and family will work as well. Even though your fiancee is playing an active role in the selection process, it doesn’t hurt to get some extra insight into what she might be looking for beforehand.

You can begin learning about different engagement ring styles and shapes with Ritani’s Education Guides.

Be Open About Budget
What’s more important than a big, gorgeous engagement ring for your fiancee? Being open and honest about how big you’re able to go. While discussing numbers may feel “unromantic”, it’s an important conversation to have to avoid confusion and misread expectations at the ring store. She’ll appreciate being in the know rather than finding out in front of the salesperson.

No rush.
No rush.

Take Your Time
An important rule to follow when shopping for an engagement ring is to take your time. Don’t put pressure on yourselves to find the perfect ring on the first day. If you find the ring right away, that’s great, but it’s not uncommon to take weeks or months before landing on the one ring she will love.

If your fiancee is being picky and indecisive, let her take her time. This is the one accessory she will wear for the rest of her life, so give her the freedom to take as long as she needs.

Get Insured
Accidents happen and something as valuable as an engagement ring should not go uninsured. Per year, ring insurance typically costs about 10% to 20% of the replacement cost of the ring. While this can be a significant cost, depending on how pricey your ring is, the peace of mind of mind is well-worth the expense.

Questions to ask before you purchase an insurance policy:

  • What types of incidents are covered?
  • What types of incidents aren’t covered?
  • Is the entire ring insured or just a fraction?
  • What proof is required if the ring is stolen?
  • How will the insurer reimburse you?

Read more of our advice on jewelry insurance or get your free quote.

Shopping for an engagement ring as a couple is a great start to your happily ever after. Getting engaged means you’ll be making many decisions as a unit in the near future — so why not make this your first one?

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