The difference between pavé and micropavé settings

difference between pavé and micropavé settings

Many women love the look of a halo or ring band embellished with diamonds, but are often concerned about the durability of different settings. Generally speaking, bezel and channel settings are the most secure ways to hold diamonds in place. Micropavé and pavé, however – while very popular – require a little more consideration and care.

difference between pavé  and micropavé settings

French-set – or pavé diamonds – are held close together, with exposed sides that allow more light to reflect, for incredible brilliance. Exposed sides mean that these diamonds are more at risk of being chipped than channel-set diamonds. Channel settings place the diamonds in a protected band, so that they don’t come into contact with hard surfaces. If you choose a french-set band or halo, take it off when you exercise or take part in strenuous activities.

difference between pavé and micropavé settings

Because micropavé settings incorporate lots of smaller diamonds than a pavé setting, there is a greater chance of some of the diamonds being damaged or lost. Clean your ring regularly, and consider bezel or channel-set rings if you enjoy being regularly active but still want to wear your ring most of the time.

micropave vintage diamond ring

Micropavé and french-set diamonds are incredibly beautiful, and a very popular choice for engagement rings. They are recommended if you will be willing to take care of your ring through the years. If, however, your tastes are more minimal, and you prefer to be on the go, a contemporary bezel-setting, or solitaire diamond may be more ideal. Micro pave engagement rings are a signature style of Ritani’s.

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