Favorite Spring Ring Selfies From Ritani Brides

For many brides, one of the most fun parts of being recently engaged (besides saying yes), is taking a ring selfie to share with her friends, family and acquaintances. You’ve seen it many times before: the outstretched hand, the freshly manicured nails, the sparkly diamond with light that hits it just right, and don’t forget the perfect backdrop. Thousands of hands grace Instagram feeds bearing newly acquired sparkle for the world to see — and double tap. We love when our Ritani brides tag us in their engagement ring photos to show off their new diamond stunners and thought we’d share a few of our favorite spring engagement ring photos.
1. This Ritani bride opted to show off her iconic 4-prong round diamond solitaire engagement ring right where her guy proposed, with a dazzling waterfall and turquoise-blue water as the backdrop. Yes, please!

Photo by @melissa.larissa


2. They say the devil is in the details, but this oval diamond proves that beauty is most definitely in there, too. An oval halo ring with a french-set diamond band is the perfect blend of femininity and opulence.

Photo by  @providencediamond


3. A floral background adds a whimsical touch to this manicured selfie, but it’s the ‘V’ diamond band and beautiful round center diamond that make this halo ring so desirable.

Photo by @ariella_emmily


4. An oval-cut triple diamond ring already sparkles sensationally, but add a french-set diamond band and we promise you will turn even more heads with all that bling. Palm trees not included with purchase (unless you take advantage of Ritani’s Brilliant Rewards).

Photo by @eandhcreates
Photo by @eandhcreates


5. If simple elegance is your thing, then you’ll adore this tapered pavé classic diamond engagement ring. This real Ritani bride couldn’t help but snap her new ring in the midst of a dreamy oasis.

Photo by @adamscandicem
Photo by @adamscandicem


6. Nothing says “bridal chic” like white roses. This divine emerald diamond ring with a micropavé band is both dainty and feminine. What more can we say? It’s an absolute winner.

Photo by @starkravingchic
Photo by @starkravingchic


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There are plenty of ways to enhance the beauty of your diamond to achieve a gorgeous, true-to-life engagement ring snap; for our top tips on how to take a flawless ring selfie, read our Guide To Taking The Perfect Engagement Ring Photos.

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