Five magnificent marquise engagement rings

Marquise engagement rings are both rare and brilliant. Their distinctive silhouette is cut with a brilliant facet pattern, giving them the sparkle of more popular cuts such as the round and princess diamonds. A stunning combination of curves and pointed ends, the marquise cut diamond is named after King Louis XV’s mistress, Madame de Pompadour. He commissioned his jeweler to create a new shape that represented her striking smile.

Here are five extraordinary marquise engagement rings to consider if the marquise is your perfect diamond shape. Their white gold finish is a higher quality alternative to sterling silver engagement rings.

micropave marquise ring

A micropavé band adds even more brilliance to your engagement ring, amplifying the sparkle of your marquise center diamond. These tiny diamonds, set closely together along the band, bring a subtly vintage feel. A prong setting gives the marquise diamond engagement ring a timeless finish.

micropave halo marquise engagement ring

A halo surrounds your marquise diamond with extraordinary antique sparkle. Halo engagement rings add to the surface area of the ring on the finger, perfect for those who like to make a statement with their style. This micropavé halo setting softens the points while still retaining the distinctive shape of its center stone.

marquise engagement ring micropave

The milgrain finish on this marquise engagement ring enhances its vintage appeal. With more angles, it reflects an even greater shine. Micropavé diamonds add to the spectacular sparkle of the marquise center diamond, encircling the band.

solitaire marquise ring

The quintessential diamond solitaire engagement ring, this tulip cathedral style is utterly timeless. Its simple, sleek elegance means that your marquise cut diamond is always the center of attention. Choose from a variety of white metal, yellow gold and rose gold settings. Thin band engagement rings accentuate the flattering length of a marquise diamond.

knife edge marquise engagement ring

The knife-edge style of this marquise ring’s band brings an extra angle to reflect its sparkle. Slim and simple, it appears to elongate the marquise diamond, stretching across the finger for a flattering effect. A matching wedding band adds to its timeless design.

Which of these stunning marquise engagement rings is your favorite? What do you love most about the unique shape of this diamond cut? Let us know in the comments!