How to get your perfect engagement ring upgrade

While engagement rings are designed to be worn for a lifetime, there’s nothing wrong with planning a dazzling upgrade. Perhaps you had a smaller income when you got engaged, or you might have decided it’s simply time for a change. Whatever the reason, engagement ring upgrades are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Here are our tips to ensuring that you ‘re happy with the results.

Think it through

Our first tip is actually a ‘what not to do’: don’t upgrade simply because you feel like you should. No matter how ‘small’ others seem to think your center-stone is, or if there have been comments about its old-fashioned setting, if you love it, that’s all that matters. Diamond jewelry trends come and go, so only pay attention to how it makes you, the wearer, feel.

asscher diamond

Choose the element to upgrade

Consider both what you love about the ring, and what you would like to change. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a different diamond shape’s sparkle, but you adore the ornate vintage detailing on its band. Or maybe you love everything about the ring, except you wish the diamond had higher clarity and color grades. Whatever it is, identify the change and stick to it. Little extra costs can add up, so be clear about where you’re happy to spend money and where you’re adamantly against it.

ritani three-stone rings

Consider subtle changes

Speaking of little details, however, they may be just what you need. Rather than change the entire ring or dream about 3 ct engagement rings, how about adding some smaller side stones for extra sparkle? Side stones can subtly alter the appearance of your center stone, emphasizing different angles and increasing the surface area of the ring on your finger. They can bring a modern twist to an otherwise classic style.

ritani gemstone stacking rings

Create a stack

If you love your engagement ring but would like an update to celebrate your vow renewals, or an anniversary, look at adding another band on the finger. Birthstones set into an eternity band may be particularly meaningful, or if you’re lusting after a different metal, pair the two contrasting colors in an offbeat, stylish manner. By simply adding another ring to your bridal stack, you can create a whole new look – that can be changed anytime you wish!

Diamond upgrade programs

Look specifically for diamond upgrade programs as you shop. If it’s your center stone that you wish to change, research jewelers that can offer you 100% credit on the trade-in of your original diamond. Ritani’s trade up program is a simple and easy process that allows you to keep your original setting, but get the diamond you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you planning an engagement ring upgrade? What is it you want to change about your ring? Let us know in the comments!