A Dude’s Guide To Engagement Ring Shopping

Don't stress out about finding her engagement ring at a jewelry chain in the mall. Ritani’s free in-store preview marries the best of both worlds: the ease and convenience of buying online with the certainty and tactile nature of shopping in person.

Ritani Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

You already do most of your shopping online, right? You probably do your research and find out exactly what you want, then search for it online to make sure you’re getting the best price. You might even look at the model you want in a store, or maybe you order it online without seeing it, knowing you can return it for free.

But when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring, many people are still hesitant to swap an in-person experience for a virtual one. Big purchases are a big deal. The truth is, there are many advantages to searching for, and even buying, an engagement ring online.

You already know a lot of people buy their rings from one of several national jewelry chains in the mall. The commissioned salespeople follow you around and try to sell you their boring rings. If you’re not turned off by the pushy sales people, those stores often only stock cubic zirconia set in the rings so even if you find a design she’ll love, you’re not even looking at THE DIAMOND in the ring. That doesn’t sound like the kind of shopping experience you deserve.

So, what if I told you there’s a better, smarter way to buy an engagement ring?

I know what you’re thinking: “How can I spend so much money on something online? I want to see it in person!” What if there was a way to order online but then make sure it’s perfect before you drop all that money on a ring?

Find It Online, See It In Person

Ritani’s free in-store preview marries the best of both worlds: the ease and convenience of buying online with the certainty and tactile nature of shopping in person. You find your ring online, and then we ship THE RING with THE DIAMOND to an independently owned jeweler in your city. You can walk into your local jewelry store (not a corporate chain), admire the ring IRL, and make sure it’s perfect before dropping all those G’s. If it isn’t how you imagined, Ritani’s craftsmen in New York City will take the ring back and adjust it so it’s exactly right. It’s not just “free returns”—it’s your uniquely crafted ring, in your hand, with the diamond you’ve selected.

Even better, you can pay up to 6 months later with no interest. We partnered with Synchrony to make interest-free financing easy for our U.S. customers so you can buy your ring right now without freaking out about dropping all that dough at once (it’s scary, I know).

No one wants to be begged to buy something that they’re not wild about. This is one of the largest purchases you’ve ever made. Don’t you want to make sure you feel confident about it? Ritani’s hybrid model means shopping for an engagement ring the way you want to shop. It means browsing independently without the hassle of a commission-driven salesperson. It means finding her dream ring—the ring that marks the next chapter of your lives.

The Perfect Ring Awaits

If you’re still not convinced, we literally will do everything we can to help you select the engagement ring of her dreams. Know absolutely nothing about diamonds? We can educate you about diamonds. Don’t know what style of ring she’ll like? Our lists of the bestselling and top reviewed engagement ring styles will inspire and guide you. Want to design a custom engagement ring? We can help you with that too. Want to talk to a real person? Try our live chat feature to talk to one of our diamond specialists, or our virtual gemologist program where an expert helps you compare and select a diamond—just like you would in the store.

Among our thousands of engagement ring designs, we’re pretty sure you will find the right ring for your significant other. Ritani rings have already helped thousands of guys pop the question, and our customers love us. Go see what they have to say about their Ritani experience on WeddingWire.com and ConsumersAdvocate.org. And when you’re ready to find an engagement ring for the girl of your dreams, shop the way you want to shop at Ritani.