What is the most popular engagement ring metal?

The most popular engagement ring metal is 14kt white gold. Affordable, chic and timeless, its cool white tone naturally complements the brilliance of diamonds. 14kt white gold engagement rings are typically less expensive than platinum, as well as 18kt white gold. Because gold is naturally a soft metal, 14kt white gold is also more durable and stronger than its 18kt version.

14kt white gold engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles and settings. From elegant solitaires to vintage-inspired halos, this versatile metal suits any diamond shape. Typically, those who choose a white gold setting will opt for a diamond with a high color grade. Diamonds with lower color grades are best suited for yellow gold or rose gold settings. These metals help to neutralize yellow tones found in slightly colored diamonds.

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If you choose a 14kt white gold diamond engagement ring, it is simple to maintain is sparkle and shine. We recommend getting a professional cleaning at your local Ritani jeweler at least once a year. With our lifetime care guarantee, this is a complimentary service.

You should also aim to clean your ring at home between every 4 and 6 weeks. Use a clean toothbrush to gently scrub the ring, around the diamonds and across the band to loosen any grime that may have built up. Liquid soap will help if there are any stubborn blemishes. Rinse with cool water, and then dry with a lint-free cloth.

Because 14kt white gold is plated with rhodium, it will need to be re-plated over the years. About every five years, the silver color will begin to wear away. Re-plating services are offered at all quality jewelers and will typically cost around $50. If you work in a profession where you are constantly washing your hands, such as the medical or food industries, you may want to opt for a platinum ring.

Are you shopping for a 14kt white gold setting? Or do you prefer the more traditional appeal of yellow gold engagement rings? Let us know in the comments!